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    This is a serious question that I have...
    I am an Android user, but I got really excited when I first heard about the Nokia Lumia 920 and saw the event and the reviews on September 05. It got me really excited about Windows Phone. Then I discovered this site. I have been enjoying using my Android since 2010, but after that event and breaking my phone screen, I have seriously been following WP8 news everyday (even at while at work). Now Google has showed their Nexus 4. I decided just to take a look at it expecting the same as maybe in Ice cream Sandwich.
    And I saw this...
    I have to be honest. Now I feel like WP8 is still behind Android
    Am I right or wrong? Should I still get a WP8 device?
    Please let me know why you think WP8 is still better....I need a new phone so bad, and I want something that I can show off!
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