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    Among all phone i have tried (iOS, Android, Symbian, WebOS, etc) we always attracted to iPhone, it's simplicity are amongst the best or should i call it (dumb-proof) but now we see iOS slips away from innovations to upgrade. I'm a heavy user of Nokia, since the first Nokia 5110, 3330, 7110, The Brick 9210 and 9500 , lots more. Then Nokia slips away because there is no apps that available at that time for use in real life application. Thus the windows phone 5.0 came out with O2 for instance. Then Nokia slowly starts to fade away. Now Nokia came back with the new weapon and too bad how the society have frown upon Nokia, but take a look back again and ask if Apple really ever invent something after Steve Jobs pass away? Nothing. It become the old apple where the product is mediocre with hefty price tag. I don't want to say Nokia is perfect because they are, Microsoft bring a new exciting OS with half hearted support from their team(beta desk app for example or the difficulty of contacting the support when they threw me back and forth between carrier-microsoft-nokia team).

    Probably people need to see it from different perspective not just a cult based system POV, i been using Lumia 920 for a few days and i can say the performance is solid, despite how the trio bullies treat me ( AT&T, Nokia, Microsoft ), nonetheless welcome back Nokia after so many years of inability to deliver such solid product
    11-17-2012 07:53 PM

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