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    So, I recently picked up a HTC One X and sold my Lumia 900 afterwards to make up the difference. Anyway, I really miss my Lumia. There are a lot of things that I do like on the One X - the reason I got it - but for total user experience and performance, I think the Lumia is way better. I was thinking about trading it for a Lumia 920 or 925. Has anyone else had a similar experience or has switched from WP8 in favor of a high-end android? What was your experience like? What do you mainly use your phone for? I am mostly about business, and I think that question has a ton to do with user experience in the smartphone world.

    Any replies appreciated. Thanks.
    08-07-2013 08:01 PM
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    Moved to Phone Wars forum, since OP would like comparisons and contrasts between the 2 devices.
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    I think the more relevant question would be what motivated you to move from WP to Android? Was it features, apps or the hardware itself?
    08-07-2013 09:58 PM
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    I had the opposite situation. I went from a Nexus 4 to a 925 and back to my Nexus. What I found in my experience is that you grow accustomed to a certain feature or features, and when you cant find a satisfactory solution in your new device it becomes a hindrance. These hindrances lead to a degraded experience and ultimately make you unhappy with your device.

    For me a normal day with my device is this

    Check traffic before work. Google now is excellent at showing real time traffic as well as how many minutes it will take me to get to work. This all shows up right on my home screen. Drive Commute does an ok job at this but it only shows commutes to and from work. Google Now shows me traffic and time back home no matter where I am.

    Stream Google Music All Access on the way to work. There is no Windows Phone app that gives as good of an experience on WP8 as its iOS or Android counterparts do. This is unfortunate

    Texts, emails, web browsing throughout the day. All of these were equal on both platforms

    Reddit and Instagram. Baconit is an excellent app Instance was the best Instagram app I found but it was lacking features

    Stream on the way home

    My weekends consist of using the explore feature in maps to find activities of interest and then navigate to them, streaming, taking pics web browsing, and texts.

    Now my hindrances were more app related than device related and what I learned was that i was way too dependent on apps to make WP8 my daily driver. As much as I loved the 925 camera and Here Drive at the end of the day, the most important things to me fell short. I went back to my Nexus and bought a 521 as a secondary device. While the 521 is a huge step down from the 925 I got the 2 important things to me. I got Here Drive back and the camera button. I love taking pics with the Nokia, and the 521 does an adequate job for me.

    For what its worth you can do things to make your One mimic some of WP8

    Launcher- Launcher 8 will give you the tiles back. Bonus the phone and sms tiles update when you have a missed call or text

    Keyboard- Swiftkey Very good word prediction and a lot of custom options

    Without knowing your business needs I cant offer alternatives to accomplish what you may be looking for (and there may be no way to do it ultimately) but you should check out Android Central, there is a lot of good info and helpful people over there. They may be able to help you accomplish what you would like to do, or at least make it bearable until you sell the One and buy another Lumia

    Good luck
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    08-07-2013 10:02 PM
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    I have an HTC One and I love it but the Lumia 920 that I have is such a beautiful design. Even though it's heavy, I don't worry about it's build at all compared to the constant fear that my One will get it's aluminum dented and/or scratched up(black version). The One has a sharper camera with much more natural color reproduction. The screen is very good on the One but I don't have an issue with the 920s screen at all besides that slight yellowish tinge of the whites of the screen and the buttons. The curved glass is what gets me every time. The HTC is industrial but the 920 is human.
    08-13-2013 02:29 AM
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    I went from a Lumia 900 to the iPhone 5 cause of the app gap.

    Now I'm back to windows phone. While I love the progress Android has made and have always loved Apple, the "experience" I get on windows phone can not be reproduced on other platforms.

    - Xbox music works so much better for me out of most programs I use. Google Music would crash a LOT and no alternative for iTunes (I can't spend money on music like that) other than third party music apps was the only option for iPhone. I like having everything in one spot, and Xbox music combines my music with its library.

    - Keeping up with my friends is easier. I know some people could say that you should only friend people you actually want to keep up with, but it doesn't always happen that way. So with windows phone, not only do I have live tiles to give me quick glimpses, I can make groups for who I want to follow. I don't have to open apps and scroll for ten minutes.

    - customization is just right. It doesn't go to overly complex levels that android can get to, and it doesn't seem as limited as ios (un jailbroken).

    With Windows Phone 8 and the rise of apps, I can confidently say that windows phone can be my daily driver, even with the things it's missing.

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    08-13-2013 07:38 AM

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