06-26-2014 11:35 PM
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  1. agion1's Avatar
    I've been a WP supporter from the beginning (and even farther back, if one counts Zune and its iterations). Despite 8.1 and all that it brings, I feel like the app gap is about to push me over, to either Apple or Google. The thing is, I like technology. I am finding more and more products I want to invest in--especially in regards to the connected home and wearables--and none of them support WP. If I leave the platform, I will miss the UI greatly, but in terms of OneDrive, Office, Xbox, etc., I can get all of that on the other devices. Why stick with WP? Why do you? Are any of you in my boat? I would really like to hear thoughtful responses from people who don't hate the competitors but simply have a love of technology.

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    06-23-2014 02:41 PM
  2. gedzum's Avatar
    I'm not really an app person. Basic social media, messaging, news apps are all sufficient for me. I like the simplicity and smoothness of the OS. Integration with other Microsoft services makes it ideal for me. The only thing i really think would cause me to leave is if MS significantly dropped support for the OS.
    06-23-2014 02:45 PM
  3. jbfoster61's Avatar
    I too love Windows Phone but I am amost ready to leave and go back to Android.

    I've been waiting for over a year for some apps.

    I hate the laggyness of Android but Windows Phone is way to limited at this point in time.

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    06-23-2014 02:49 PM
  4. uopjo6's Avatar
    Same here. Been a fan since WP7. Love the UI. No complaints.
    Except, development has been very slow. Even with 8.1 now which is still not "official", they're dragging this for a whole year and what do you get? Cortanta, Notifications, some other minor stuff which should of been straight out of the box. Cortana is very limited in certain areas too.

    I don't have problems with the app count, they cover most of what i do but quality not so much. I still can't share a damn file with Skype and that disability alone is a big turn off. Sure I can send with whatsapp, email, but most of my clients contact me through Skype. I can't tell them to just wait and check their mail during a Skype conversation. Seriously. "My phone can't do that yet". WTF?

    I love the UI, OneDrive, and all the other stuff WP users love but things are just too slow.
    Like agion1 said, 3rd party hardware support is STILL VERY LACKING and with their development speed I don't really feel very confident for what's coming.

    The way iOS8 has developed in ONE YEAR impresses me pretty much. I still don't like Android so iOS8 is very tempting right now.

    Unless WP surprises us with something really quick I might just jump ship.
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    06-23-2014 02:49 PM
  5. wpnokia920's Avatar
    I've debated this alot myself. Even switched away a few times but I always come back. Knowing I can get the latest software regardless of phone is something android will never be able to do with so many skins. I have no problem supporting the smaller devs who create the apps we need. It may not be the official app but so many of them are higher quality. How can WP grow if ppl jump ship? I've found an app whether official or not for everyone I used on android.
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    06-23-2014 02:50 PM
  6. twentythreee's Avatar
    Hm, I always think about the same topic.
    Only that my problem are not the apps (as I could make them myself in case one is missing), but the 8.1 OS itself, which sucks at some points.

    However, you should only choose an OS which fits to your needs. If you can make your tasks fast with it, and get it out of your way, well than it could be the OS you want.
    Some time ago (with 8.0) this was WP for me, but not anymore.
    If you think an iPhone or Android phone or Ubuntu (;-)) would make more sense to you, than switch. Why not?
    It's just a phone, and not your girlfriend!!
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    06-23-2014 02:50 PM
  7. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    If the Fire Phone or the Fire Phone 2 really impresses me, I'll leave.
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    06-23-2014 02:51 PM
  8. Guytronic's Avatar
    At what point will we quit caring so much about apps?

    WP may abandon me before I ever abandon it.
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    06-23-2014 02:59 PM
  9. agion1's Avatar
    I appreciate the feedback guys. I would not consider myself an "app man" but I do consider myself one who loves technology. I've been wanting to get my house connected for sometime. I looked at connected locks (Kwikset), sprinkler control systems, whole house audio, etc--there is no support and it will take a long time for there to be such support. I certainly do not care so much whether or not the app is official (though I would prefer it), but, for the items I am looking for, it is not there--regardless.
    06-23-2014 03:52 PM
  10. gedzum's Avatar
    I appreciate the feedback guys. I would not consider myself an "app man" but I do consider myself one who loves technology. I've been wanting to get my house connected for sometime. I looked at connected locks (Kwikset), sprinkler control systems, whole house audio, etc--there is no support and it will take a long time for there to be such support. I certainly do not care so much whether or not the app is official (though I would prefer it), but, for the items I am looking for, it is not there--regardless.
    This is an interesting area and something I have my eye on too, but not something I'm personally investing in any time soon. I'm sure MS will not let such an area go unaddressed. At least I'd hope they wouldn't ;)
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    06-23-2014 03:57 PM
  11. etphoto's Avatar
    If you "need" apps to make it through your day there is no discussion. Move over to other platforms. But if you like windows phone like you claim, stick around. The grass isn't always greener (as it sometimes seems).

    Sent from my Surface 2 using Tapatalk
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    06-23-2014 05:44 PM
  12. hope4wp's Avatar
    I won't switch over even if I'm dead lol I'll take my phone to my grave!
    06-23-2014 05:46 PM
  13. bilzkh's Avatar
    I think the best solution for some people is to go part-time on another OS...shortly after, many come back to WP ;)
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    06-23-2014 05:52 PM
  14. k0de's Avatar
    what's unique about other platforms? Why should I. Convince me....😊
    06-23-2014 05:52 PM
  15. neo158's Avatar
    I left WP for Android before and now I'm back on WP I won't "abandon" it any time soon, in fact I'm waiting for BBM and Barclays PingIt to be released next month and then I intend to ditch Android and Google from my life completely. As a backup I'll have a BB10 device instead.
    06-23-2014 07:06 PM
  16. Edward_g's Avatar
    I haven't considered leaving WP until today. Apps have not bothered me at all up till now. But today my employer introduced new timekeeping. We can sign in and out etcetera online. And this includes mobile devices that are Android, Apple or BlackBerry.
    I'm not sure I'll leave because of this but I'm sure disappointed. It would be very convenient.
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    06-23-2014 07:33 PM
  17. VetDuarte's Avatar
    I've been to iOS and Android for the last past years, and by December I tried WP for the first time. Nokia has some power over me, and I tend to feel compelled to buy it's products. I bought my first 1020, complete with Nokia Grip and all. It was a saturday, and by sunday I'd had it with the phone. It's shortcomings were just too much to bear.
    Since selling it would set me back a great deal of money, I gave it to my wife, whose N8 (another device I bought and gave up) was diying.
    I got back to my iPhone 5 for a while.
    Last month, after fiddling with her 1020 a great deal, and reading a lot about 8.1, and seeing her taking awesome pics of our daughter with it (she knows even less than I do about photography, and I was then already sporting a S4 zoom!), I decided to jump into it yet again.
    Got myself another 64GB Lumia 1020 and, apart from the poor Kindle app and some minor kwirks, I'm pretty happy.

    I can assure you guys that people think the grass is greener outside from every OS. Android people want to go to iOS. iOS guys want to jump to Android. Both of them are very curious about WP - the only contender both admit publicly to, by the way.

    So, changing OSs is a normal feeling in all platforms. I guess one must try them all and use whichever suits one's needs best. Anytime your needs or another OS change enough to prompt a change, then change.
    Me? I'm very happy with the 1020. The camera is great, the phone is way better built than Apple's and Samsung's counterparts, and I can do almost as much as with iOS and Android.

    Don't worry. You'll be welcome anywhere, anytime. ;^)
    Enviado a 41 megapixels
    06-23-2014 09:18 PM
  18. lkbig's Avatar
    It's kinda interesting reading this thread as an Android user. (Nexus fanboy no less). I am actually very seriously considering switching to Windows Phone depending on what flagship come out this year. I've been trying with the idea since the 920 came out but haven't been able to because of life circumstances.

    Why am I considering switching? A big part is because I am bored. Android and iOS are like Republicans and Democrats: slightly different shades of the same brown. I mean that the two are becoming ever more the same as each other.

    I'm not too terribly concerned about apps. I've already figured out what apps I actually use and find that the gap is only one or two apps. Big whoop.

    As far as interface goes, I've always been attracted to what wp has going on.

    Also, Google is starting to get crazy invasive. They always have been but they're even more blatant about it now. I am also starting to get sick of them generally. They're everywhere.

    Either way, we will see what this fall brings but there is a good chance I'll be switching over in the next few months.

    Posted via Windows Phone Central App
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    06-24-2014 02:25 AM
  19. bozza72's Avatar
    think il abandon WP when hell freezes over or when they stop making phones, ive been a nokia user for..........(thinking)..............like ever, ive tried the rest but always come back to the best.
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    06-24-2014 02:36 AM
  20. SunilJayant's Avatar
    I loved how windows looked and worked over android so i choose lumia 925 over nexus was happy for few days .. love the windows phone 8.1..but , i don't know i love it at the same time i regret getting it...it is some how seems half baked.. don't care about app's that much few feature that i was used in android are missing in windows phone not deal breakers but annoyances that kind make you feel What............. No Bashing just my opinion...
    06-24-2014 02:49 AM
  21. Luminatic's Avatar
    When would I switch away from WP, at least to try something else? good question. For me, reasons would ne:
    - when the Audible app would disappear (I only switched to WP when it appeared on WP)
    - when WP would lose its smoothness, would become laggy, buggy and would have stuff like random restarts
    - when curiosity would become too strong to not try another OS. I wouldn't fully switch to another OS, though.
    - when Apple makes an iPhone with an outrageously good camera
    - when a non-google-related phone with an outrageously good camera appears
    06-24-2014 03:06 AM
  22. Editguy1900's Avatar
    When they pry my phone from my cold, dead fingers.
    06-24-2014 03:28 AM
  23. Ian Too's Avatar
    I won't 'abandon' Windows Phone, even if nobody developed apps for it, because the device itself largely meets my needs out of the box. Windows Phone seems to have the only calendar function (through outlook.com) which can handle a rotating shift pattern so I'm not in the absurd position of buying a five hundred pound device and having to pay extra to make it work. Add in Onedrive, Office and the increasing interoperability between Windows platforms and I see no reason to chose any other OS. The people at Microsoft really do seem to have a coherent vision for the future with interactive live tiles seeming to be the next stage along with gesture controls and the continued growth of Cortana with bing. Add to that 'the internet of things' announcement and the internationalisation of Bing services and I see nothing but improvement.

    As for you wish to automate your home, I sympathise, but would like to sound a note of caution: All these devices will communicate with the web through your router, which may well be leaking through open ports which you don't even know about and this means the more you automate, the more control you're passing to hackers to keep you under surveillance or even interfere with your home. This has become a new (thank you, Linksys et al) and increasing cause for concern to me as it's clear that security is a very low priority to consumer electronics companies. There really needs to be internationally agreed standards for encryption and authentication so that a device knows to ignore any instruction or request for information from anyone except the legitimate owner. Until that time, my home stays dumb.
    06-24-2014 04:47 AM
  24. machzk's Avatar
    I am not a WP user, but things seem better now than they did before. Why abandon now?
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    06-24-2014 12:01 PM
  25. Makm's Avatar
    If MS doesn't provide the basic features like the cellular setting in the action center, more options in the action center, custom accent colors, a decent music app, faster app resuming within the next one year, then i guess i will switch to an android or ios...
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    06-24-2014 12:40 PM
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