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    Well, I've finally given up on experimenting and decided to go all in on Microsoft. Those of you that have read my posts have seen all kinds of signatures from all kinds of devices in the recent past. Those days are done and I've settled on a bright red 1520 and a 2520 for tablet duties. Before I proceed, I have to take Nokia to task on their color selections. WHY can't I get a red 2520 on AT&T to match my 1520 or a red Icon to match the Verizon 2520?

    I've used quite a few Androids lately including a GS3, LG G Pro, LG Intuition, GNEX and a variety of cheap Chinese models. Having had an Ativ Neo I thought the GS3 would be a good alternative, not! Didn't care for the screen or the way it felt in hand. I have rather large meat hooks so I wasn't afraid of the Intuition. Matter of fact, if it wasn't for the abysmal battery life I'd still be with it. Yes, I could hold it in my hand and my fingertips would touch. Did I mention my hands are large? Anyway, all these devices I mentioned were on KitKat except the Intuition and the Blu Life View tablet/phone. The Blu ran 4.2.2 and the LG was stuck at 4.1.2 so it's not like I was on ancient versions. Despite the under-the-hood improvements with KitKat, I still prefer Jelly Bean's visuals. Lag was non-existent and I'm pleasantly surprised with the Blu in particular. Screen animations, transitions, app launching and multi-tasking was VERY smooth. The 8MP camera is awesome and battery life is sick (4500 milliamps). I've experienced plenty of app crashes and freezes on Androids before but that was on FroYo and Gingerbread. None of these devices listed above did these. Granted, I'm not a rookie and I know how to set up a device to be trouble-free. But that's part of the problem. I like to "set it and forget it" when it comes to preparing a device for use. Android is "set it and keep your eye on it in case you have to set it again". Even iCrap is better for this. The app selection is second to none but they leave so much to be desired in the looks department. Apple's apps are polished, end of story. Whether they work badly or have missing features, at least they look good while sucking at it. Android reminds me of my SCCA racing days. I would set up my chassis and motor to tear up the track but it wouldn't last. I would spend off-weekends just re-torqueing nuts & bolts, re-tuning carburetors and bleeding hydraulic lines. Simply put, Android is too high maintenance.

    Just like I gave up racing for a more sedentary lifestyle, I've traded in the Ferrari for a Cadillac. I want the soft leather seats, the plush ride and most of all, peace and quiet. So I was torn between the Icon and the 1520. I know Verizon hasn't pushed Cyan to any device but I didn't care. I was going to use DP anyway. 6' vs. 5", LCD vs. AMOLED, SD card or....stop. No way. I'm getting the 1520. I couldn't leave well enough alone since I was still on Big Red so I had to check out the Icon. Headed to a corporate store near one of my jobsites and asked the kid to see an Icon. "We don't have any in stock, would you like to see an iPhone?" Bye. I would have tried another store but that kid really burned a hole in my azz. Went to an AT&T store and asked for a red 1520. The young lady just smiled and said "I'll be right back". Fifteen minutes later I had a beautiful 1520 after porting my number back and adding the line to an existing account. Wow! is all I can say about this beast. I took a picture from an 18th floor facing Miami Beach and I can even pick out Marlins Ballpark which is about 20 miles south of where I was. The roof was retracted and it showed. I wasn't finished, I wanted that Nokia tablet too. I was done fooling around so I went back to the store and grabbed a black 2520. Argh!!! I wanted a red one to match my phone but it's only available on Verizon. Having had RT devices before, I didn't experience any "newness" and all my previous apps began downloading and my old settings popped right in. It feels much tighter than the Surface, the camera is worlds better but I do miss the kickstand. Oh well.

    I think I spent a total of 2 hours setting up both devices, re-installing apps, etc. The funny thing is that I probably won't touch anything again unless I download an app here or there. I think it's time to take the Caddy out for a cruise down Old Cutler Road.
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    09-06-2014 06:49 PM
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    Mighty fine news there my good man!
    Keep on keepin' on!

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    09-06-2014 06:56 PM
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    Yup, love my L1520. I even got a compliment on it today. Was at my normal coffee stop this morning and a new girl took my phone to scan the loyalty card and remarked that "she just loves my phone, it's so cool".
    09-10-2014 08:06 AM
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    Really interesting read, thanks for sharing!
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    09-10-2014 08:12 AM
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    Nice analogues!
    09-10-2014 10:07 AM

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