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    My last couple of generations have been Windows Phones (920 upgraded to 1020), and I love the OS itself. What is beginning to become more and more painstaking clear is that developers do not want to program for WP. Yes, many apps have a 3rd party option, but even more don't. I work for one of Canada's largest telecoms, and I'm one of the few who try to extol the benefits of the WP platform. It gets harder to do though when even my company's own apps don't have a WP version. The problem is when any relatively new app/game/accessory is released, it's iOS and Android (sometimes even blackberry before WP)... When I got my 920, I would tell myself that Microsoft just needs time to woo developers into seeing why programming for WP is worth it... When I got my 1020, I was beginning to get frustrated with app choice, but love the camera enough to bypass that.

    As I come up for my next upgrade here, I've yet to see any sign that things are getting better. I'm just curious as to whether I'm the only one who loves the OS itself, but can't believe it's been this long and WP still isn't taken seriously.

    On your next phone upgrade, where do you go?
    11-14-2014 11:12 PM
  2. chezm's Avatar
    Being Canadian and working in the industry also I completely see your point...especially up here in the north. WP gets no support or advertising, I mean its scary to think of the 3 years I could count the amount of times I've seen a WP in the wild on both my hands.

    I have some hopes for windows 10...but its a wait and see situation for me.

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    11-15-2014 08:13 AM
  3. Steve Adams's Avatar
    I see windows phones ads on tv all the time, I live in Canada too. The only device that gets marketing at the big three here is the apple product anyways. They have the mind control on 11 here. I have all the apps that are the major ones needed that I used on android anyways now. The only one missing is Sirius xm. which is fine because I only used it in the grocery store, and slacker fixed that anyways. The windows phones are clearly displayed at all kieoks in the malls and at the big 3 stores as well. I am guessing that the sales people get a bigger chunk of change whn selling apple.
    11-15-2014 08:36 AM

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