1. frenzyvanrafi's Avatar
    My friend was impressed with my Lumia 720 camera result, so they used my Lumia 720 for photo (especially for the girl).

    But I was not satisfied yet, I want to download another photo apps. I have 9 photo apps, 5 apps are made by Nokia:
    1. Nokia Camera (primary apps for pro photography)
    2. Camera360 (for selfie mania especially for girls )
    3. ProShot (formerly was primary camera until Nokia Camera arrived for L720, rarely used yet)
    4. Fantasia Painter (photo editor, primarily I edit photo which is taken with Nokia Camera)
    5. Panorama (interesting apps, bit complicated and less pixel)
    6. Glam Me (never use them, ditched by Camera360)
    7. Cinemagraph (interesting too, but also complicated to make the perfect cinemagraph)
    8. Creative Studio (I use Fantasia Painter instead this, it's much complicated)

    Now, which photo apps that recommended by yourself?

    I have the picture result but it's edited with Fantasia Painter, here's the pictures:
    NOTE: The Starlet was not mine....

    And give me some tips and guide to make my L720 photo look professional while it's not from DSLR

    That's was all, thanks...
    12-25-2013 09:50 AM
  2. Jessica Lares's Avatar
    I just use the built in camera on my 520 mostly. The Oggl filters are pretty cool too. Diptic is nice for collages, I've been using that since 2010/11.

    I've been doing photography since 2002 now. Mostly using lowend point-and-shoots. If you're happy with the Nokia stuff, continue using it. Good to use what you know, and to learn the other apps when you're not doing anything. when you're going to take a picture, is never the moment to start learning how to use a camera/app.

    You're also taking a picture because you like "something" about what you're shooting, something caught your eye. So it's perfectly OK to take 20 million shots and "work the scene". (I quoted that from Scott Kelby's talk on composition if anyone wants to YouTube that, it's more geared towards DSLR users, but I learnt a lot from it.)

    In't ProShot the one with settings for ISO, etc? (Maybe Nokia Camera has this too?) Anyway, play with those too, learn how they work, and probably memorize or note the settings somewhere. One of my cheats is looking at pictures someone took with the same cameras on Flickr, looking at the EXIF data, seeing their settings, and then copying them to get similar balance for certain types of shots.
    12-25-2013 10:21 AM

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