1. Zohaib ZJ's Avatar
    How to do still photography in nokia lumia,i mean in which the moving object is captured and it should like it was in rest position...for example i want to capture a moving fan or moving car and when i capture is should like it is rest position,how to do this please tell me.
    09-21-2014 01:12 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    You'll need a really fast shutter speed.
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    09-21-2014 01:38 PM
  3. Zohaib ZJ's Avatar
    You'll need a really fast shutter speed.
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    How much?? Mean at what value?
    09-21-2014 02:09 PM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    How much?? Mean at what value?

    It depends on how fast the object is moving. There is no general setting for all moving objects.
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    09-21-2014 02:14 PM
  5. Spyros P's Avatar
    Old thread, but still useful to know.

    If you want to freeze motion, you have to use a shutter speed suitable for your subject.

    1/250s will be enough to freeze a walking human, but for a bicycle or a running human you might need 1/500s. A car running at high speed will require 1/1000. You can search for "shutter speed charts - guides" to find out more.

    Keep in mind that lowering the shutter speed will allow less light to reach your sensor, therefore you need to compensate by increasing the ISO (in a "real" camera you can also adjust the aperture, but this is constant in phones). You can also add more light to your scene.
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    01-18-2015 06:47 AM

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