05-30-2015 02:46 AM
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    How about a baby or toddler doing something new for the first time? If you want to capture that moment you need a very fast acting camera.
    This is where I have iPhone camera envy. Being a father of a three and five year old, the time to capture that one moment is very short. Launching the camera is one thing, but to focus and snap the shot is an eternity compared to the time I have to get them in that moment. And then if I do, half of the time the photo is blurry because the auto setting of the ISO and shutter speed is too slow for what they are doing. And to be able to manually change settings get a good shot of that fleeting moment?

    Other than that, my 20MP pureview is better in every way when comparing my shots to my wife's iPhone 6.
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    03-04-2015 03:20 PM
  2. mrruz's Avatar
    The windows phone has the dedicated button for pulling up the camera. (not all, but most) With denim installed it's lightning fast. There's no way I'd sell out to apple for their sub par camera. Honestly, I think Samsung beats them now...

    Can't wait for the day when apple users realize they've been paying hefty premiums for yesteryear's tech and an apple logo.
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    03-04-2015 03:34 PM
  3. crosslad17's Avatar
    IPhones do have camera buttons, the use one if the volume buttons. Think the lumia cameras still beat them on features though, some of the lenses are great.

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    05-30-2015 02:46 AM
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