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  1. Bobvfr's Avatar
    As per title, I am looking for a Windows friendly picture hosting site so that I can publish pics to the web, can't use Picasa as it's Google, don't like opening a Yahoo account.

    And I know I can use OneDrive but again don't want to, I already store my pictures on OneDrive, but this is to store a separate copy just for web hosting.

    Any idea and suggestions welcome.
    10-19-2015 03:39 PM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Are you intending to host your photos professionally, or just looking for a site where you can upload any photo?

    What do you mean by "Windows friendly"?
    10-21-2015 06:23 AM
  3. Bobvfr's Avatar
    Nothing to do with having a Google account is a start, nothing professional at all otherwise I would go back to my own domain and probably host them myself, I have unlimited OneDrive but don't like using that to show the odd picture on a forum or two.

    Sod it I will just sign up for a Flickr account.
    10-21-2015 12:38 PM
  4. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Flickr should be alright, if you prefer it over Instagram. Others are a bit more restrictive and professional, such as 500px and iStockPhoto.
    10-29-2015 07:13 AM
  5. Kevin Rush's Avatar
    I'm also looking for a place to host photos. I'm looking for a place to put 10 years. of photos from a yearly family trip to Chicago. It would be fun to see the pictures of the nieces as they grew up and be reminded of all the activities. Ideally, I could add to them if I find more photos and add comments/ tags over time. I could add scans of the tickets and memorabilia from the events and activities. Only family would have access. Maybe family could contribute to "the project" by adding to it with comments? I want it to be visually interesting so my first thought was Sway. Has anyone used Sway for this? Other thoughts / ideas?
    Last edited by Kevin Rush; 10-29-2015 at 08:01 AM.
    10-29-2015 07:45 AM
  6. gpobernardo's Avatar
    I've tried Sway and it indeed gives a new perspective in information presentation, including photos. I'm not sure, however, if Sway files are public domain or are private within one's account (ideally, it should be private but I haven't read the fine print).

    But if you're going to put 10 years' worth of photos, I'm guessing that would be a lot. Sway could be used if you're going to highlight key moments without putting all your photos there, e.g. birthday photos, wedding, only important/significant moments.

    Most photo-hosting sites have the ability to keep your photos private, including Instagram (although there seems to be ways to access Instagram photos outside of Instagram).
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    10-29-2015 07:56 AM
  7. Kevin Rush's Avatar
    I've never looked at instegram. I guess I thought it was just for editing photos with effects. Is there good access from the web and Windows phone?
    10-29-2015 08:09 AM
  8. gpobernardo's Avatar
    It's a "social" site which focuses on photos - basically - and you have the option to upload the photo as-is or with additional effects.

    I've been using the official Instagram app (BETA) just because it's the official app, but there are other Instagram apps in the store with more updated features. Web access through a browser is also alright.
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    11-02-2015 11:51 AM
  9. anon(5841099)'s Avatar
    There are not really any good well-known photography sites like Flickr or 500px that are 'Windows-friendly' as in, they have a solid app. The Flickr app is ancient and Flickr has shown no interest in making or updating the app for Windows 10 (Mobile or Universal). The 500px service has dropped support for Windows and Windows Phone apps quite some time back and I have not heard word about them coming back with a Universal app either. Instagram is mainly mobile focused and I personally wouldn't consider it for hosting a bunch of pictures.

    Third party apps are hit and miss for services like Flickr and 500px, though mostly miss. I personally use Flickr but do any uploading on my desktop or Surface Pro 3. Viewing and browsing is alright through the Flickr Central app.
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    11-06-2015 04:38 AM
  10. Robert Jurczyk's Avatar
    hello, u can also use :)
    02-19-2016 02:54 AM

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