1. SteakPieHarry's Avatar
    Greetings friends

    Has anyone tried recording/sending voice notes on their Ativ S? I seem to to remember having problems sending voice clips through Whatsapp on my Samsung Omnia. Can't be certain but it rings a bell and I put it down to the app. Since picking up an Ativ S I'm still experiencing the weird echoing and distortion on voice clips. Again I blamed Whatsapp but Line, Hike etc are just the same. So I figured it was a Windows problem. However could it be a Samsung problem? Reason I ask is I downloaded Mini Recorder from the App store and recordings through that occasionally distort and freak out as well. It's a pain for me as I'm a songwriter and record ideas/melodies all the time before I forget them. Does anyone else on Samsung Ativ S or Windows handsets in general experience this?

    Just curious to know if this could be a handset problem. Thanks for any help.
    06-14-2013 02:51 PM
  2. dubbaYous's Avatar
    I also get problems when I call my wife and leave voicemail. Not sure why but very distorted, would be nice if Samsung would take notice of the problem and fix it.
    SteakPieHarry likes this.
    06-20-2013 07:28 PM

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