1. MrT-Bone's Avatar
    Hello everyone!
    I am facing one problem using Ativ S now.
    Actually what happened was that when I bought my Ativ S, I am noticed way too big dark spots on my screen when I looked on black color when there was no light and was completely dark around me. (which turned out was the common problem om AMOLEDs).
    I went to Samsung Service, replaced the screen under warranty without problems, I have received a much better screen in terms of black spots, but instead got another problem with it.
    The screen just have this ridiculous pinkish tint now (which turned out was also a common AMOLED problem people may get). It's almost unnoticeable, but your eyes start to notice it when you read something like wiki, or search for something in Google

    I went back to service, claimed the screen was defective, compared the screen with Galaxy s III for them, where they could clearly see issue with my display and then I asked for another warranty replacement. (because according to Samsung's policy you have to repair phone 3 times before getting money back)

    Guess what, they refused fixing it second time, because what they said was "It's normal, it actually was also normal for the first time, we just replaced it for you too look how it's gonna be, we just can't replace it all the time".............

    Now let's get to the point, has anyone ever discovered the way to tune colors on Ativ S yet?
    I know that Nokias received "Color profile tool" where you could adjust temperature and saturation.
    Just can't replace my device now, don't know what else to do
    Samsung Voice of customer didn't help me either....
    Thanks in advice!

    P.S. Whoever is a Samsung fan, please go for other devices, as Samsung customer service is the worst service I have ever seen and to most of people customer service is a 50% of the product, cuz there is no point of buying a device you re not happy with and then also not knowing about's it's possible defects before you buy it, later when discovering them, you get kicked in the bottom by the Service instead of seeing their will to really help you...
    09-23-2013 03:15 PM
  2. Mirakle's Avatar
    I think there's no way to modify colors on our ATIV S for now.
    The best hope comes from the work from the hacking community on xda that may help us find a way to do this or even use the nokia app.
    Or Samsung may release the same kind of app, that will be the best solution.
    Anyway, I do see dark spots and dark lines on the screen of my ativ S if I use it in the dark and when the screen is dimmed, but as soon as something is displayed, I can't see them at all and the image is perfect. No pink tint on it either.
    09-25-2013 03:34 AM
  3. MrT-Bone's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply Mirakle, we ll wait for it then
    BTW, I used Fiddle and changed some config file, to make Marketplace assume I am using Nokia, not Samsung, I got this Nokia display app installed, just to check, but unfortunately it didn't work (((
    The dark spots thing is actually most common issue in AMOLEDs, as I said, I got my screen replaced, I still have spots, but not as much and not as big ones as I had before, but instead I got another problem, which is pink tint... So yeah, you will pretty much gamble if you will replace.... AMOLED technology is kind of lame yet in terms of quality (((
    09-25-2013 03:43 PM
  4. Allen Li1's Avatar
    I try, not doest work!
    10-04-2013 07:56 PM

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