1. Motel75's Avatar
    Forte last few days, I've been using a 128 GB microSD card from SanDisk (presently the only one on the market) in my ATIV S and it works fine. I haven't noticed any quirks besides those that were already present with a 64 GB card, and video records smoothly.

    I have about 70 GB of music on the card (which was the first reason for the upgrade - I wanted headroom for other items) and Xbox Music seems to be dealing with it OK. The second reason for the upgrade was that previously it had messed up all the album art and renamed MP3 files to other artists - I figured if I was going to have to do a factory reset and a clean reinstall, I might as well do it in style.

    Anyone else considering the move to 128 gigabytes?
    07-24-2014 05:28 AM
  2. Draganta's Avatar
    I was considering it for my 1320, but with all the problems in Xbox music, and the long time it takes to scan the card sometimes, I changed my mind and went for a 32 gb class 10 card, which only cost me 13 euro's and it is working perfect. I am interested, anyone else having only good experiences with 64 and 128 gb cards?
    07-24-2014 05:37 AM
  3. Motel75's Avatar
    Since the recent Xbox Music update, the sluggishness and eternal searching for files has come to an end, so there's no longer a penalty for having a large music collection. I'm not seeing any performance issues with the 128 card at all.
    08-21-2014 12:49 AM

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