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    I've bought 2 Samsung Ativ S T899M (Bell Canada) and took them overseas. (I'm now in Israel)
    From the start I've encountered a similar problem in both phones: there's a network (carrier) connection problem. Every now and then I'm unable to make an outgoing call and an error message appears ("Unable to connect to network") but at the same time I have no problem receiving calls, sending and accepting messages (SMS & MMS) and using data.
    When I reboot the phone I can again make outgoing calls.
    I've tried changing the carrier but the problem consists on both phones with both carriers.
    Carriers' technical divisions claim there's a problem with the phones (maybe API software issue) but can't be sure because "it's not their phone".
    Another Tech guy told me it's a roaming problem but had no idea on how to fix it.
    Devices are factory unlocked. Roaming is enabled.
    I've checked and both phones are fully adequate with carrier's bands.
    I'm using a local carrier micro-sim.
    OS ver.: 8.0.10521.155
    Firmware ver.: 2212.13.11.2
    Bootloader ver.: 1308.14.16
    SOC ver.: 1.5.32
    Samsung Canada suggested a hard reset but said there's no way knowing if it'll solve the problem (seems like a s.o.p for them...)
    Any ideas?
    10-25-2014 03:12 PM

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