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    Hi forum,

    trying to get to the bottom of this. Long story short: Ativ S Neo. SPH-I800, or SPH-1800NASPR - does only the NASPR (I assume is short for North American SPRint) receive 4g or can the "vanilla" SPH-I800 also receive 4g? So far, I've had next to no luck keeping a 4g signal with the SPH-I800 - it grabs it for the first 30-40 seconds after a reboot, then drops to 3g, and usually locks out the SIM card.
    could it be flashed? it might, but if so they did a good job because the first thing the phone did after I got it running was grab like 4 updates from Sprint - brought it to Windows 8.1. So, any suggestions, before I start the process returning this phone and looking for a NASPR model?

    05-19-2015 09:02 AM

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