1. George Ponder's Avatar
    For those who opted for the Samsung BlackJack, happy?

    When it first came out there were gripes about the cut-down Win Mobile and battery life.

    Is the operating system a pain? Has battery life improved? How's the call clarity? Enough volume

    I went the route of the Treo 680 and the number of phone lock ups is pushing my last button. I thought about a BlackBerry but the blackberry packages results in a higher monthly bill, which I'd like to avoid. Enter the BlackJack.

    I use the Treo mainly for Contact/Appointment management, email, and occassional web browsing (weather sites mainly). I think the BlackJack would meet my needs.
    02-03-2007 02:40 PM
  2. Silver5's Avatar
    Very happy...though I now use a TyTN because I got offered a deal that was too good to pass up. The Blackjack has given me new respect for the simpler Smartphone OS because it is so well integrated with the hardware.

    The OS is great. You have to use it like a Windows Mobile phone and not try to do things the way you might have done them on a Palm device (though some Treo users are hard-headed with this).

    Battery life is EXCELLENT if you use the device like any other smartphone. If you use the 3g features heavily it will burn the battery as fast, or faster, than Wifi. The people who say that the battery isn't good are the ones who are on the 3g network all the time, watching movies, getting songs, sending email over 3g instead of Edge which is completely unecessary, and engaging in other playful stuff. If you use the phone in way comparable to ANY other smart device the battery life will be great!

    On calls the Blackjack is very good. Calls are clear and the volume is great. The speakerphone should be louder but it is also good.

    If the uses you listed for your Treo are the main things you plan to use on the Blackjack you will be very happy with it. Remember, it is not a Treo so you will have to use it like it is meant to be used instead of complaining that it doesn't do things the way the Treo did. If you are willing I think it will be an eye-opener for you.
    02-03-2007 03:06 PM
  3. G-funkster's Avatar
    If you don't mind EDGE (and I'm assuming that much, as you tried the 680), I'd say you try an unlocked DASH (or rather, the HTC S620 - Excalibur).

    Solves the battery life problem (it's got 10 hours of talk time) and includes wifi. I'm not a Blackjack owner but I am a former Palm OS user that's gone to the Q which uses the same operating system, and I can definately say the experience has been very good, and based on your needs, will fit you just fine.
    02-03-2007 03:08 PM
  4. Dalai Lama's Avatar
    I'm very pleased with my Blackjack, coming from a PPC 6600 and a Treo 600 before that. I purchased the extended battery, and battery life has not been a problem. I don't miss the touch screen at all. I could go on, but suffice it to say that this has been a good move for me. YMMV.
    02-03-2007 09:35 PM
  5. mrjasjit's Avatar
    Yup, gotta say the Blackjack has been a good fit for me. I am a 3G user, so the battery life tends to vary day to day (depends on how much free time I have).

    I've been using "Automatic Keylock" for automatic locking of the keys so as to not have to use the 3-button unlock from stock. <--- weird huh?

    Slingbox works great (again 3G use). Calls are clear. Samsung WEP200 works like a champ.

    The newer "Samsung Ultra I600" looks to be a killer since it'll have 3G, Wifi, and dual cameras (front/back), all in the same form factor as the current I607, but even slimmer.

    So, thumbs up for the Blackjack. Oh yeah, it's still damn slim & sexy.
    02-03-2007 10:20 PM
  6. RadMonkeyX's Avatar
    I love the blackjack. i dont use my phone for work or anything like that. just for personal use. works great for me. i thought about getting the 750 but i think the blackjack is here to stay
    02-05-2007 10:04 AM
  7. jlczl's Avatar
    I love my Blackjack. I can't add much to what has already been posted. It is truly a wonderful device. I also own a 750 because I got it almost free but if you would have to pay listed price on them I would highly recommend the BJ. It offers the best bang for the buck.
    02-06-2007 05:34 PM
  8. cardio's Avatar
    Blackjack is a keeper. I went from the Treo 650 to the blackjack and have not looked back. Treo fanboys will complain about the lack of touchscreen and one-handed use, well for the most part they cancel each other out, if you need the touchscreen you are probably useing two hands or one hand a stylus. With the shortcuts, scrollwheel and D pad I do not miss touchscreen. Call clarity is great, battery life is not an issue, I am in constant 3G and have not had to exchange batteries at all, I charge the phone when I go to bed.
    02-06-2007 05:41 PM
  9. George Ponder's Avatar
    For those enjoying the Blackjack, is there a decent case or holster out there for the Blackjack?
    02-07-2007 07:30 AM
  10. mrjasjit's Avatar
    For those enjoying the Blackjack, is there a decent case or holster out there for the Blackjack?
    Yes, I use this:

    Otherwise check the Samsung Original Accessories here http://product.samsung.com/cgi-bin/n...od_id=SGH-I607

    02-07-2007 08:31 AM
  11. Dalai Lama's Avatar
    I've used the cheapest Incipio case and it has worked well. It is a little snug with the addition of the extended battery and back, but that has not been a problem.
    02-07-2007 08:52 AM