1. Pedalboy's Avatar
    I tested BJII at the local ATT store the other day and was reasonably impressed. I forgot to check one thing-- how does one get a normal phone face with a non-touchscreen phone? Lots of voice mails systems (including mine at work) use * and # for a variety of options. Its cumbersome to do this if you have to hit extra buttons to get * and #. How has this worked for those of you who have dialed into voicemail with this device?
    02-13-2008 02:39 PM
  2. George Ponder's Avatar
    I've accessed my work voice mail with no problems using the BJII and I have to push both the * and # to access it. I haven't had to use the function key to have the * or # register with the voice mail.

    I think when you hit the */S key or the #/B key the tone registers as if you are hitting just the * or # key.

    I hope that made sense.
    02-13-2008 04:52 PM