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  1. George Ponder's Avatar
    On the long shot that someone from SBSH Mobile is listening may I suggest a few things to thier Facade program.

    a. The ability to choose which icons are on the top scroll bar.
    b. The ability to distinguish where the new mail is coming from for those who have multiple email accounts on their phone.
    c. The ability to add speed dial buttons to the home screen.

    All in all I really can't complain about Facade but if you added those features, I think people would be knocking down the door to get a copy of this program.
    02-14-2008 02:50 PM
  2. CycleNC's Avatar

    if you go into Facade Settings -> Menu -> Launcher -> Buttons, that should allow you to update the applications there. (at least it does when you skin Facade)
    02-14-2008 02:57 PM
  3. George Ponder's Avatar
    Strike "a" from the list...

    Thanks Cycle...
    02-14-2008 04:17 PM
  4. Dieter Bohn's Avatar
    +1 to B and C, but especially c!
    02-15-2008 03:54 PM
  5. CycleNC's Avatar
    For b, I would love to have that and the capability to go directly to those email accounts. It would be even better if they made it function more like spb diary and displayed all accounts on the homescreen in collapsable sections.

    For c, I guess you could technically add something like Photo Contacts to the homescreen, but that's an additional $25 for what I don't consider very valuable.

    Edit: A little research on SBSH's forums uncovered a way to add contacts to an existing homescreen (and it's free). I'm not sure of this forum's rules for linking to other forums, but here's the link

    If this is against the rules, please accept my appologies & feel free to remove my comment.
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    02-15-2008 05:28 PM
  6. bschiav's Avatar
    yeah the contact theme manager is a good idea...although it seems more confusing to me then just adding the callprog string to one of the launcher items. Which must be all the program is doing anyways. You can google for the exact line to add.
    03-21-2008 02:13 PM
  7. George Ponder's Avatar
    I have tried to make heads or tails of the Contact Manager on several occassions. Each time getting frustrated and giving up.

    I can only hope there's a more straightforward plug-in or an update to Facade that will make adding speed dial buttons easier to add-on.
    03-21-2008 07:58 PM
  8. nottach's Avatar
    its possible to add contacts to launchers. you have to edit the xml manually. go check sbsh forums and facade user guide for a how to.
    04-01-2008 11:34 AM