1. club1820's Avatar
    I just recently got my BJII.

    At the top, I have the New Voice Message Icon yet when I call Voice Mail, it says I have no messages. This has been on for a couple of days. Didnt notice if it was there when I first turned the phone on.

    Does anyone know what I can do to correct this?

    Thanks in advance!
    04-23-2008 02:22 PM
  2. xedngx's Avatar
    i had a similar problem i believe. how i fixed it was, i waited until i got another new voicemail and then checked it. then the icon went away. if your impatient then call yourself from the housephone and leave a message and then call your voicemail.

    hope it helps.
    04-23-2008 04:16 PM
  3. club1820's Avatar
    Worked like a charm!

    04-23-2008 04:42 PM