1. stealthcorvette's Avatar
    I installed the new WM 6.1 on my Blackjack II and it erased all my data. Which was fine because they warned me of that ahead of time. Then I reinstalled TCPMP software so I can watch youtube videos from the full website. But 6.1 wont allow it to open. Is there an updated version of TCPMP or am I just stuck with mobile youtube now? :mad:
    09-04-2008 01:48 AM
  2. Curbside78's Avatar
    I have found a solution to your problem. I too ran into the same thing and after countless hours of trial and error I got it to work. Email me if you would like to know how for I can't post the solution here.
    Im at yahoo with the same name as here.
    10-14-2008 04:38 PM