1. tonejunkee's Avatar
    Hello, I am an audio developer working on music for a mobile game. The .MID songs playback will depend on the soundbank of many different phone models....I just so happen to have a blackjack and have been listening back to my .MID tunes on the device.

    I have been using the GM.DLS files from Windows XP for playback while composing because I thought it would serve as a good measuring stick for sound on Windows Mobile. The problem is that XP and Windows Mobile have different soundbanks and what may sound one way in XP, will sound a bit different in Windows Mobile 6 with instruments dissapearing or becoming rather wimpy....(think 'stonehenge scene' from the movie Spinal Tap)

    It's rather frustrating and could be improved by finding this elusive file. I don't know, maybe it's a Blackjack file? Any suggestions/ideas???

    12-07-2008 12:19 AM