1. Cascade#IM's Avatar
    I know there are other 320x320 Mobile Shell threads floating around, but it seems the Epix handles some things differently so I thought I'd start one dedicated to the Epix. Are folks using this program? I'm a big fan, but back to square one on the themes.

    I'll work some up and post them here if people are interested. With the plain stock theme it seems much quicker with the animations than my 750.

    Looking for some clean, simple, fast themes that don't require RealVGA.
    12-07-2008 09:40 PM
  2. Pearl_Diva's Avatar
    Go to Treo Central(sister site). Under Treo 800w, Ebag33(hope I got that right) posted Treo Pro themes that work very well on the Epix, likely because they have the same resolution. The top bar gradient is removed so the screen appears to have more space. Technically it may not, but the illusion is very nice because the screen appears less cluttered.
    12-07-2008 10:40 PM