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  1. CraigD's Avatar
    A fix for the lack of email notification can be found on the Epix i907 download page here.

    12-17-2008 06:57 PM
  2. questionfear's Avatar
    Excellent, will install in the AM. Have you installed it yet? is it working as promised?
    12-17-2008 11:05 PM
  3. CraigD's Avatar
    Installed it last night, and it now provides alerts for email when the screen is off - vibration or sound as programmed. It doesn't fix the ascending ringtone issue, though. And I don't think it fixes the LED blinking (they still stop pretty quickly).

    12-18-2008 08:17 AM
  4. Pearl_Diva's Avatar
    Thank you for the alert! :D

    I don't mind the blinking LED, but they should fix the ascending ringtone problem ASAP. Missed quite a few calls due to that.
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    12-18-2008 07:35 PM
  5. passinthru's Avatar
    Over on they have a hack that will fix the ringtone problem.
    03-05-2009 06:17 PM