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    I took a chance on a cheap upgrade to IGuidance 2009 even though they explicitly stated a 320x320 screen was not supported. I was hoping that RealVGA would make it work. Well at first it failed miserably but then after scouring the net for ideas I stumbled on a PDAPhoneHome posting that offered a solution. Here's the secret:
    1. Remove any old copy of iGuidance
    2. Install iGuidance 2009 from the supplied micro SDHC card
    3. DO NOT open iGuidance, first go to its program directory using File Explorer
    4. Make a copy of iGuidanceQVGA, paste it in and rename it (I added a 1)
    5. Rename the iGuidance file (I used iGuidance_Original)
    6. Rename the copied iGuidanceQVGA file to iGuidance
    7. Optionally you can delete iGuidanceQVGA and iGuidanceVGA now

    That's it, the program will now run from the start menu without crashing. If you use Redfly you might want to save iGuidanceVGA because I suspect it'll render just fine on it.

    This works because what normally happens when iGuidance is first opened is it checks for the resolution it thinks you need and then deletes all the others. This workaround bypasses that check.

    Disclaimer: I am running RealVGA with the 96 dpi fonts and it is possible that helps it work.
    01-27-2009 09:12 PM
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    I gave it a try on a Redfly and the iGuidanceVGA program does not render properly. The iGuidanceQVGA does. So, I cleaned up my folder by keeping just the iGuidanceQVA file (renamed as iGuidance) and deleting the others, including the original iGuidance file.

    I've come to believe that using RealVGA is important to making it work although I have not tested it without RealVGA and have no intentions on doing such a test. Perhaps someone else will give that scenario a try and let us know the results.

    Also, the menu screens render at 240x320 (or 320x240 on a Redfly) but the maps occupy the entire screen. Everything seems to render just fine in both cases.

    Overall I'm thrilled because I now have a few new features and most importantly the latest NAVTEQ maps. And one last thing, it is working with the internal aGPS chip.
    01-27-2009 10:35 PM