1. ullal's Avatar
    The reason for this post is that I have a Plantronics Voyager 510 headset and think it is absolutely the best headset I have ever tried. I could walk 20 feet away from my Treo 750 with walls in between and have a clear conversation.

    That same headset does not work so well on my Epix. I get crackling/static at my end even at a short distance - i.e. few feet. The person at the other end has no problems hearing me at this distance but I cannot go anywhere near as far as I could with the Plantronics 510. Since I use both at home I am pretty clear about this performance issue.

    My question to others on the forum:
    - What bluetooth headset are you using with your Epix?
    - How far from the phone can you go before you or the other person hears any crackling or reduction in quality?
    - If you are coming from a Treo 750 do you notice any differences?

    Lastly, my car has bluetooth built into it and I notice that the Epix does not synchronize the address book or speed dial with the car like the Treo 750 did. The Treo 750 would allow me to pick up my speed dial entries off the display so I don't have to use the phone to dial. Anyone else see anything similar?
    02-04-2009 09:21 PM
  2. phrogpilot73's Avatar
    I'm coming from a Treo 750 as well. My bluetooth headset is the BlueAnt Z9i. I've noticed no differences/problems in my switch to the Epix. I've never head BT in my car, but I do have a BlueAnt Supertooth 3 now - and I did notice that the Epix gets about halfway through downloading the contact list and then dies.
    02-26-2009 05:54 PM
  3. ullal's Avatar
    Is there a way to limit the contacts that get synced? Perhaps a registry hack? The Treo 750 would only sync my favorites rather than all 850contacts.
    05-14-2009 08:20 AM