1. spaine#WP's Avatar
    Is anyone else experiencing this? Neither the charger which came with the phone nor the after market car charger will charge the phone. It appears that the USB/power adapter jack on the right hand side of the phone where the charge cable is plugged in has simply failed or the internal contacts have gotten out of position. The same problem, no contact, occurs with the USB cable to the computer. The computer does not recognize that the phone is connected. This problem only developed in the last day or two. Any suggestions? Thanks.
    03-12-2009 01:22 PM
  2. jwebb56's Avatar
    I have not had any problem charging with the car or wall plug adapters. I have had times where the USB cable would sync but not power. I'm attributing that case to a USB port that is not putting out enough power for one reason or another.
    03-12-2009 07:49 PM
  3. Malfactoid's Avatar
    This may be the same or related problem, but here are my symptoms -- it is a definite nuisance problem charging my Epix.

    I plug the charging into the phone and wall, and it momentarily "connects" as if charging (e.g. the redlight comes on, it gives an audible "charging" tone) then it goes off (as if I unplugged the cable). That is, the light goes off, and an audible tone that it stopped charging. This occurs even though the charger cable is still plugged in.

    I have to plug in and remove the adapter from the wall numerous times before it hits and sticks in the charging mode.

    My car charging has not acted this way -- it seems to work fine.

    Anyone else seeing this?
    06-29-2009 09:07 PM