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    Hey everyone,
    I got my first real smart phone a few weeks back... the shiny new Samsung Epix. I'm really happy with it, but there are a number of quirks that I feel like could be customized out of it. A number of you mentioned modified Home Screens, keyboard hacks to alter the functionality, etc. Can someone help me on how exactly I do this stuff? Most of the time you just mention the application or acronym for the application (i.e. SBP, RealVGA vs. VGA, AEButton, PDANet) but I never really understand if these are replacing the Windows Mobile operating system or just being installed and overriding how the OS is running... also, I have no idea of the best way to install these, do they cost money?... how do I find them?

    I know it's a lot to ask, but although I'm fairly experienced with computers, I know there's a lot to be had that I can't do with this little phone. Any posts as to what application to start with and how to do it would be much appreciated... what's the MUST HAVE's?... is there something I need to install before I do anything else?

    Thanks EVERYONE!! I'm opening a whole new phone world :)
    03-16-2009 04:42 PM
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    To answer, the programs aren't replacing anything in the phone's operating system, but there are PLENTY of overrides out there.

    Most of the overrides you'll see involve messing with the registry (the core of the phone); I would advise leaving those alone until you read more about them, understand them for yourself, and feel comfortable touching them on a phone that cost you at least a couple hundred.

    To start, head to MySamsungEpix.com, there's a hack to remove the ascending ring issue (first two or three rings are REALLY quiet, which will probably cause you to miss calls unless you're using a Bluetooth headset).

    There's also a download (same site) that improves on the Samsung Today theme (MUCH MUCH nicer and more useful than the default Windows screen); go to Settings < Today < Items and click "Samsun Today" to see what it looks like in the first place.

    These are both free. To get a more detailed (and maybe more useful, depends on what you wanna do with your phone) Today Screen layout, you can look for a program called SPB Mobile Shell. It costs 30 to buy, but it makes everything on your phone available with just one or two (non-stylus) touches.
    03-17-2009 08:57 AM
  3. donralz's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips!

    So the SBP Mobile Shell adds options to the possible Main Screens?... is that all it does or does it allow for other things?

    I've also heard mention of people changing the keyboard mappings to all kinds of things so that you don't have to hit Fn and Caps... usually the phone doesn't pick it up fast enough for me... is there something that can fix that?

    03-18-2009 06:14 PM