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    I am from Croatia (Europe) and I purchased AT&T Samsung Epix (SGH-i907) on eBay. It is currently shiped to me, more precise it is holded on Croatian custom.

    To pick it up I need to provide CE Declaration of Conformity (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CE_mark..._of_conformity) or I cannot import it (ridiculous bureucracy of Croatian government). They said that the scan or copy in electronic form of the document would be enough, but I cannot find it anywhere. It was not in the box with the device (maybe because it is imported from the US), I could not find it anywhere on the internet or in the user manual.

    Can anyone help me to find it or can somebody send me the scan or the photo of his CE Declaration of Conformity? If I do not provide it will be returned to the US.

    I would be the most grateful for the help.

    Best regards,

    05-06-2009 05:59 PM
  2. storm7172's Avatar
    I couldn't find it anywhere on the device, but I don't have all of the original manuals etc. Somebody else might be able to find it somewhere
    05-11-2009 08:46 PM