1. ShuckyD's Avatar
    I want the keypad or at least the touch screen to lock while I'm in a phone call. It's taking me a little bit longer to get use to this phone and all its differences coming from a Treo 750, but hey I got this phone pretty much for free when I upgraded my contract and since nothing else caught my eye, what the heck, it looks nice.

    Also how come I cant map things to the silver buttons, etc...
    09-03-2009 10:29 PM
  2. jwebb56's Avatar
    Limited button mapping is available (Settings - Personal - Buttons). An add on program called AEPlus enables more complete mapping. Some people have said AEPlus causes stability issues though I never experienced them. I think the program is okay but have quit using it because I only wanted the ability to allow up/down/left/right while in mouse mode. A small add-on hack called chgfingermouse gives me similar functionality in a smaller footprint with no risk of stability or compatibility issues.

    There is a lot of great information on the Epix and many useful free add-on programs available here. Be sure to read about the ID1 saga. Personally the only negative to me with that update was the impact on my GPS chip (long lock on times and high battery drains when the internal chip was activated). I went back to a BT GPS receiver as a result.
    09-04-2009 11:12 PM
  3. ShuckyD's Avatar
    i looked into that site, thanks for the tip. I still cant get over the fact that it responds soooo slow to respond and I cant believe you cannot lock the touchscreen while on a call. The only option I know of is to turn the LCD off!!!!!
    09-09-2009 07:03 PM