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    Hey guys im new to this forum. I have visited others and not many people talking on them anymore, but here are my ?'s. I have an epix and all of a sudden i got a new icon in my programs list, simtkui, which i know its sim tool kit my ? is on this one, can it be deleted, or what can i do with this or can i do nothing with this? My second issue is i would like to know how to move a program to another icon in programs, example would be like merging them. For those who have an epix you went into att gps and downloaded the navagator program and then when you went back to the att gps the file was empty but you have a att nav icon by its self in the list i would like to be able to move that into the att gps icon can it be done if so please do tell thx.
    11-15-2009 11:19 PM
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    thanks for the info....s
    03-17-2010 08:12 AM