1. anond's Avatar
    Guys, I am just about hitting the buy button on the Omnia W page, but was just wondering if MS' new Apollo update could affect the performance of the Omnia W. Most reviews talk about the Omnia W specs being "old" but more than awesome for the snappy Mango OS. But could a more updated OS pose an issue with performance?
    12-17-2011 01:56 AM
  2. Eirenarch's Avatar
    I don't see why Omnia W would be any worse than any other Windows Phone available today. The whole genaration shares the same System-on-a-chip (i.e. processor, memory and GPU). If this phone does not work well with Apollo then no other phone of this generation will and I doubt MS want that. I believe the reviews are comparing the specs with the phones like the Galaxy Nexus or they are comparing non-performance specs like camera, storage specs, etc.
    12-27-2011 03:14 AM
  3. going west's Avatar
    As far as I can tell the focus flash is actually one of the more powerful phones in the winphone family with its 1.4ghz processor. Considering how many winphones there are with 1.0ghz speeds and the most powerful one being 1.5, if the focus flash won't be compatible then none of them will...
    12-28-2011 10:34 PM