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    Recently, whenever I have been putting someone on speakerphone they've been complaining of really REALLY bad echo, echo as in everything they're saying to me is being repeated back to them at full volume level. Since this isn't a problem that this phone is known for having, I decided I must have a flaw in my handset and would need to return it.

    But wait! I decided to poke around a bit and see if the problem was a result of something I was doing. And, sure enough, when I turned my data connection back on (Settings -> Cellular -> Data connection)the echo problem went away! It seems that the speakerphone is completely unusable whenever I have data disabled--which is a huge bummer, considering I only pay for a 200mb data plan and I have to keep the data hose turned off lest I go over by accident.

    Anyone have any insight into why this might be happening? Anyone want to try and reproduce this for me and let me know what happens?

    Well after playing with the data settings some more it seems I was wrong about whatever was causing the echo. Sometimes it has echo, sometimes it doesn't, regardless of the data settings. Now I'm really stumped. Anyway am I the only one with the echo problem?
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