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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The GS2 is a great design. Also, it has a better camera than the Titan, which the Focus S inherited, so there's that.
    I have owned all three devices and feel the Titan has the best camera. It's the only one with a back-illuminated sensor.

    edit: To be clear, my Titan takes better late afternoon, evening, and indoor shots than my Galaxy S II pretty much every time. The Galaxy S II takes slightly better pictures outdoors on a sunny day, but the margin is slim. The panorama and burst modes and other extra effects are icing on the cake.

    edit 2: Almost forgot... my Titan has faster focus and shutter speed than my Galaxy S II as well.
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    How is the Titan design unique? it's a Desire HD and thus an Inspire 4G with a slightly larger screen and a FFC. Most of HTCs phones look the same.

    I love how everyone bags on the Samsung phones for the plastic construction, blissfully unaware that plastic flexes on impact and thus protects the internal components better. It also doesn't dent like Aluminum or shatter like glass.

    I would rather have a lighter plastic phone than a heavy aluminum one in my pocket. I had the Inspire and I couldn't do anything on that phone one-handed without fumbling it. And I could always feel it in my pocket, tugging on my belt.
    The Titan is better than the Inspire in pretty much every way, but the Focus S is actually worse than the Galaxy S II in some ways. That's one reason why the Titan got more hype.

    1) The obvious. The Titan's screen is a lot bigger than the Inspire's.

    2) The Titan's screen has better black levels and better viewing angles than the Inspire's.

    3) The Titan, despite its much larger screen, is thinner and lighter, yes lighter, than the Inspire.

    4) The camera on the Titan is miles better than the one on the Inspire.

    5) The speaker on the Titan is miles better than the one on the Inspire, which was atrocious by the way.

    6) The Titan's processor is clocked 500MHz higher than the Inspire's.

    7) The Titan gets better battery life than the Inspire.

    8) The Titan has a front facing camera.

    So yeah, the Titan is not just an Inspire running WP7. I should know, I've owned both. Please don't disgrace it like that again. As for the similar looks... well that's just the HTC trademark design. Many people like it.

    Also, I think the reason not many sites took notice of the Focus S is because Samsung didn't push it or launch it internationally. HTC threw a huge Titan launch party, sent phones to all of the review sites, and launched the phone worldwide. Samsung quietly launched the Focus S as an AT&T exclusive as far as I know.
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    ^ the Titan has an aperture of f/2.2 and the Focus S has [s]f/2.6[/s] f/2.8 same as the old Focus. so it make senses that Titan can collect more light in low-light conditions. thats the only area the camera of the Titan wins over the Focus S imo. but all recent Samsung devices have [s]f/2.6[/s] f/2.8, i believe.
    the Focus S is wider than the old Focus tho. i don't kno the exact numbers but it is wider.

    and i totally agree with gravage .
    i gave up on HTC cameras ever since i got my Surround in the first day wp7 launched. :] it sucked, thats all.
    I know HTC is known for crappy cameras, but the Titan completely breaks that stereotype. I currently own a Galaxy S II and have used a Focus S and without a doubt in my mind, the Titan has a better camera overall. Even Myriam from Engadget agrees and she's a huge camera nerd.
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