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  1. Rocket_Girl's Avatar
    Serves me right for daring to notice how peaceful it is over here.

    Lost my data connection (???). Has happened before a couple of times: the shadow of signal bars with the NO slash across it...Has always resolved within an hour or less of waiting+ several rounds of powering down/restarting.

    This time was different. Phone would show 3-5 bars (randomly) with 4G, yet system information (app)"would show no connection source. System info was right: no signal- no web, no calls, no texts.

    This went on for over an hour, until I noticed something new: the phone tile said 'Emergency Only'. That's when I surrendered to hard reset, which solved the problem.

    I will keep quiet about how trouble-free we are over here in the Focus S forum...seems like karma or something!
    01-11-2012 04:06 AM
  2. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    I hope you tried flight mode first Rocket_Girl, i've seen that happen once on my Omnia 7 and once on my Titan. (No data, emergency calls only)

    I just hit flight mode, then turn it off immediately, and all is well again.

    Might be worth trying if it happens again and you didn't already try that.

    It returned my data immediately on both occassions.
    01-11-2012 04:16 AM
  3. Rocket_Girl's Avatar
    Thanks, Wee Bear, yes. I tried flight mode several times. That was my first-tier attempt...has never worked for me, but will continue to try it when it *might* help. Having had the Trophy data connection problems upon return to US from your side of the pond, I have, unfortunately, learned the drill. At least that part of it...
    01-11-2012 07:08 AM
  4. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    That's a pity you have to hard reset, don't know what caused my loss of data connection, I just assumed it was a network problem and the flight mode cured it on both occassions.
    01-11-2012 07:20 AM
  5. jimski's Avatar
    Had that happen to me one night while performing one of my battery drain tests. With only data turned on (all background agents &other radios disabled), phone went from 99% to 7% in 7.5 hours while sleeping. Emergency Calls Only was displayed when I woke the phone and I had no connection. A soft reset straightened things out. Guess the lost connection was responsible for the excessive drain, which was only 6% in a subsequent test.

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    01-11-2012 07:48 AM
  6. Rocket_Girl's Avatar
    Update: this happened again. Lost data -- started cycling thru E then G then no-signal slash. Even flashed 4G a couple of times, but there was actually no connection: attempt to load pages said "you may have lost data connection. Check signal and try again" (or some such...).

    Had NO connection overnight. Called tech support this morning, and they were able to restore it by pushing an OTA reconnect.

    They explained that this should be rare, but that when the phone is in a weak signal area (like an elevator. Or my HOUSE), that it can lose data and require OTA reset.

    This has only happened to me at home. First time, a hard reset worked. Second time, I waited 5-6 hrs and connection came back (???). Last night, it went out at 7:30 and nothing could bring it back. Power off/on, nothing. Battery out/in, nothing. SIM out/in, nothing. Hard reset (a half dozen tries...), nothing.

    The OTA push worked, seems fine now. She said that if this continues to happen at home, they would give me a rebate on purchase of a micro-cell. Gee, thanks...

    In a HIGHLY ironic twist, some of you know that I came over to at&t after my Trophy lost data connection with return from international travel (long thread over on Trophy forum). Get this: "your phone should be fine UNLESS YOU TRAVEL OVERSEAS... you will lose data connection when you return. This is normal. Call us, and we can push OTA reconnect.

    Turns out the ONLY difference between VZW and at&t is that at&t can restore lost data connection with OTA push, whereas VZW cannot. Other than the choice of devices and growing support @ at&t for the Windows phone OS, the advantage over VZW is minimal... and I have gained signal problems instead.

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    01-22-2012 09:35 AM
  7. tmotytn's Avatar
    Wow, RG, that sux! Did the Rep say there was any way for you to push the OTA reset yourself, or does it always require a call to Care?

    Another thing you will love to hear now that you are on the Death Star is that customer service is pretty much non-existent after 9pm...someone may be able to refute/corroborate this, but I have to call before 9p, or I get nothing till the next day.

    Welcome to the Empire...
    01-22-2012 07:03 PM
  8. HeyCori's Avatar
    The saga of Rocket_Girl continues!
    01-22-2012 10:24 PM
  9. Rocket_Girl's Avatar
    Yes, it does - yet it didn't have to be thsi way. I went to the store nearest me later in the afternoon. Learned from them that the tower nearest my house was being updated for HSPA+... hence the outage.

    Was good to know (and things should be better than ever soon) - but man, they could have saved me all kinds of grief if they had just been able to tell me that. Lesson learned: next time, store first. *That* particular store.
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    01-23-2012 11:06 AM