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    Got rid of my titan for this....very impressed with the build quality. Very solid and the plastics provide far superior reception to the titan....also the quality of Bluetooth is much better with Samsung

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    03-25-2012 11:05 PM
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    Glad to hear it!!! Samsung gets a lot of bad mouthing over their plastic builds, but those criticisms ignore the facts. It is one thing if you say you do not like the feel of the plastic build, which is your own preference, as opposed to saying it is a crap, cheap phone. If you surf the web, research consumer satisfaction, or actually know someone with a Samsung (and really, who doesn't for all the phones they produce?), you will hardly find any complaints about Sammy's build actually breaking, chipping, or failing in any way. They use plastic, but it absorbs shock great, is durable over time, has very few defects reported and generally performs great. I do miss having a little "heft" to my phone, but my case helps.

    Give us a review on your "S" after you have had it a couple weeks, and do not forget to share your feelings on why you left the Titan. A lot of users cruise these sites to help decide, and we want people to enjoy their WP.
    03-26-2012 12:55 AM
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    What's most impressive to me is that the battery cover is not an integral part of the phone. Look at the original Focus or most phones on the market and the rear cover contributes to creaks and wobbles. I actually had to use some gaffer's tape under the cover of my BB to stop it from shifting.

    Now if only the external speaker and vibration motor weren't so weak and the camera button didn't stick out so far... ;)
    03-26-2012 12:48 PM