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    Been a sprint customer for over 10 years. On an old grand fathered plan that only allows me upgrade my phone to a HTC touch Pro... (tried it, its HORRIBLE!!)

    Currently, i use a Palm Centro, and my wife the Palm Treo Pro

    Windows Mobile was just horrible.. I mean, just bad.

    So my wife had been hinting for a new phone. Android is probably too much for her, plus I really got annoyed of having to tweak her windows phone....

    Then I saw the windows 7 phones. Its different. Its simple. IT WORKS!

    My friend was able to get a Titan and a Focus via the windows challenge. THe last few weeks ive been researching both phones and prepaid carriers.

    So for mother's day I bought the phone from my friend and purchased the Straight Talk SIM card.

    I fell in love with this damn phone.. I mean, its just "pertty". I set her up on our WIFI at home and synced her contacts, FB, the works...

    I was so amazed by how easy and "different" it was... I purchased a second unit for myself just yesterday! Impulse buy...lol

    Windows has something good in their hands...Hope they dont mess it up.
    05-15-2012 10:47 AM
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    welcome to wpcentral

    even though I do not have focus S, out of my price range. I have it little brother the flash and use Net10/ST Sim Card.

    If you carrier is ST then you made the right decision in getting the Focus S has it and flash are the easiest to setup to work fully on ST at this time compared to some of the other windows phones. If you are looking for that info see this post

    Enjoy the forums wealth of information, people are helpful, and this is best windows phone site after all..:lol:
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    05-15-2012 12:10 PM
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    Welcome, and the same to your Wife!!

    Enjoy the phones. I have yet to grow bored of mine. Let this forum know of any questions or problems. There are a ton of really knowledgeable types here. Chime in with some opinions, and you will really get a ton out of the experience.

    Glad you made the purchase!!!
    05-15-2012 05:23 PM