1. KG363's Avatar
    My Focus S is not really responding to my touch unless it's plugged in. But here's the thing; the other end of the USB doesn't even have to be plugged into the charger or computer. Also long as the cord is connected to the phone. I'm lost and I need help. ATT wanted me to perform a master reset but I'd rather not lose everything.
    04-19-2013 03:38 PM
  2. KG363's Avatar
    I have 70% Isopropyl alcohol, should I try cleaning with that?
    04-19-2013 04:40 PM
  3. KG363's Avatar
    Master Reset did NOTHING
    04-19-2013 04:49 PM
  4. snowmutt's Avatar
    This is the strangest fault I have ever heard....

    As a pure guess, something being loose on the inside of the screen/hardware interconnection might make sense, and when the USB is connected it pushes this connection together.

    No amount of software work around would touch your fault from what you are describing, because a software fault would act differently. If being connected to a power source or a input such as your computer made the difference, then you could wonder out loud if a software fault was the culprit. The way you are describing it, I can not see it being software, so of course the hard reset would not help.

    Sorry, but I think you need a Samsung agent to help. This has to be 100% on the build of the phone, not on the OS. Again, I am not a tech guru, but truly this sounds like something AT&T or MS would not be able to help you with. See if you can get on a Samsung Mobility website and get a chat going with a technician.

    Let us know what you find out!! Sorry I can't be more help.
    04-21-2013 10:36 PM
  5. KG363's Avatar
    Well I've discovered that it will work properly for anywhere between 10 minutes and 3 hours if it's been charging for a long time. My warranty is also expired so there's not really much they will do to help me.

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try to contact someone at Samsung that might be able to help.
    04-21-2013 10:54 PM
  6. jes1888's Avatar
    so, what did you did? i used to have the same problem on the same phone, mine also didnt wanted to turn off the screen so the battery drained quickly too! i went to att cuz i had warranty and they changed it and nothing has happened ever since thank god, master reset aint gonna do s.h.i.t
    05-11-2013 11:30 PM
  7. KG363's Avatar
    It's kinda working now. It'll work for a while until I take out the battery or sometimes turn it off. I don't know when it'll break again, but it'll probably be at the worse possible time.
    05-12-2013 11:46 AM
  8. link68759's Avatar
    My father's focus S did the same thing very shortly after I manually updated it to 7.8.

    11-02-2013 09:34 AM
  9. snowmutt's Avatar
    Your Fathers did it too?

    Strangest fault I have ever heard. And if it was after a 7.8 update, software does sound like the problem. Which makes it stranger......

    My brain hurts.
    11-03-2013 01:29 AM
  10. KG363's Avatar
    I found the phone in the drawer and wanted to readdress it. It's WP 7.5, because samsung never updated it despite being a gen2 windows phone. I took the screen off and made sure that the screen and everything else was properly connected to the logic board. That didn't help at all. The same problem is occurring.

    Is there a way I can bring it back to an older OS or firmware?
    04-04-2014 03:37 PM
  11. KG363's Avatar
    I did the touch test from the diagnostics when you dial ##634# - then *#0*# and it passes when plugged in and fails when not plugged in
    04-04-2014 03:45 PM

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