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    My Focus S got caught in a restart loop this morning. I thought it maybe some dirt got wedged in between the power button and my case was adding enough extra pressure to cause an issue. So I removed the case and all was well. Until my drive home this afternoon. My phone once again got caught in a restart loop. Off-Samsung logo-off-Samsung logo... A few times it managed to completely start to the home screen and the screen would turn on and off sporadically and then restart loop again.

    Then this evening I noticed a small crack near the power button. I wedged a small knife in between the button and the casing and tried to push the casing out. Bad news, the crack is bigger. Good news, it seems to have (for the time being) fixed the screen and power on-off issues.

    Has any else experienced this?
    04-24-2013 05:57 PM

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