1. Melk's Avatar
    Next week is the big week. Sounds like the Rogers is shipping some Focus's to London (Ontario) stores between this week and next. So excited to get my Focus. :)

    I just hope Rogers doesn't screw me and says I can't upgrade with the 3 year contract price. If they do, I may cancel my current contract with them and go to Telus to get the LG Optimus 7. It costs less to cancel my contract and buy a new phone (with 3 year contract) than to buy the Samsung Focus with a no-term price. So hopefully threatening Rogers with that, they would let me get the phone for the price I want. :3

    So obsessed with this, been wanting a phone with the metro UI since I got my Zune HD on US release day. Pretty much been refreshing wpcentral and mobilesyrup every 30 minutes I'm on the pc for news on the phone/wp7. :p

    Even have a list of apps to download when I get the phone. but the worse is, I've been putting off social events until I get my phone, then I can show it off. :p
    11-21-2010 06:06 PM