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    I have had my focus since the week it was launched, have an ATT provided 16 gb sd card. No problem, everythign has been fine. Tonight it decided to restart all by itself, no big deal I thought. No it defaulted to factory settings! all my data gone!! I wasn't sure what to do. You see there is not much info(credible) on web as to what should be mext steps. All i see is no back up restore is possible. So I decided i would rather contact support before I screw it up even more I am not sure who is primary contact for support @ WinPhoneSupport where I have to wait for ever for a response in 140 characters or ATT contacted both the former didnt respond as of yet and latter asked me to contact samsung support and samsung support is closed (not during business hours) So I am about reset my phone and I see available memory is 1.07mb!!!!

    I reset my phone (from about page) and it restarted with all my data., I thought it was an sd card problem but then it had on board 8gb so should have atleast read that. Weird!!!!

    The most bizaare thing is on reseting my phone it prompts " Will delete all Apps and Data" and instead it restored all my data
    01-13-2011 09:46 PM
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    It probably is the SD card. When the phone starts having trouble with it it often restarts all by itself and leaves some tiny amount of memory as available. Usually a reset will fix it, but it will probably happen again.
    01-14-2011 10:35 PM
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    yeah , 99% sure your SD card bugged out

    and you got all your data back cause MS sync your data sorta like Palm`s WEBOS does .

    so when ur phone rebooted so did all your Info.
    01-15-2011 12:51 PM
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    yeah im having a weired bug liek this too .. ish

    my phone never read my SD card , so i decided to just take it out . it whiped my phone and now it keeps telling me my phone Memory is full! i did 2 hard resets and it keeps telling me that , i dont evan have an app

    and it sais i have 15G available. stupid SD card , i think its the one BIG dealbreaker with this phone.

    EDIT: ok turn out im a retard ,: my sd card wasnt inserted properly in my phone LOL! hard reset got EVERY thing back :)
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    01-17-2011 01:14 PM