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    The burn-in doesn't affect the overall contrast or viewing angle of the screen. It's a little disconcerting to see it happening, but I'm too into what's actually going on on my phone to worry about it.

    Edit: I'm running the Mango flashlight app White Light which opens with a completely white screen, and I can't see any of the previous "burnt in" elements that I saw previously. I may may be able to see the slightest hint of the app bar, but I really can't be certain if I'm actually seeing it or not. Again, I'm not worried. I'd expect that by time the average user experiences noticeably permanent burn-in, they'll be eligible for an upgrade.
    Thanks, Rico - from a fellow non-worrier.
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    i have ZERO burn in on my phone ... and honestly the only phones ive seen w th burn in are the DEMO phones in store we had that stayed on 24/7....

    my FOCUS still looks amazing.... but they do have some minor know problems: Organic light-emitting diode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    are you Steve Ballmer. Lol.

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    are you Steve Ballmer. Lol.

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    LMAO!! i wish ;) i would have MANGO .. lol ...

    I had some nasty burn in on my focus. You could see a lot of the letters from the keyboard (specifically the smiley face and paper clip). A couple names of people I text could be seen in the top left corner. The giant "People" in the people hub was starting to burn in as well, along with the text boxes for text messages.

    im still surprise to hear people claiming they ALREADY have burn in ....


    if you see your letter from you keyboarded .. you HAD to leave it open for like 2 hours a day every day from the day you got it... or your phone is defective... it normally takes a LONG time to see burn in SPECIALLY on cell phones cause the screen is always changing and moving,. you dont have ALLOT of static images like on a PC or Xbox ect.... ( like icons and such ) why do you leave your people HUB opened and not moving? lol ... put ur phone in standby when not in use!!!!

    I was coming into this forum to make a new post regarding this... I don't have a Focus but I have noticed the remnants from burn-in on every demo phone I play with... I understand these phones are on all the time but I don't want to have to avoid certain settings because of this happening... hoping the Focus S won't have this issue *fingers crossed*
    the FOCUS S will have this problem.. GUARANTY!!!any Screen with Individual PIXELS like plasma, AMOLED ect.. can suffer from BURN IN.. ( less and less as the tech evolves doh )

    all a Burn in is:

    its a damaged pixel, whose phosphors have been prematurely aged and therefore glow less intensely than those of surrounding pixels on the screen. The damaged or "burned in" pixel has developed a "memory" of the color information that was repeatedly fed to it in a static manner over a period of time..

    BUT DONT WORRY!!!! you can Normally FIX bun in with a monotone gray or snow screen settings which recalibrate pixel intensity levels uniformly - thus eliminating any image retention (ghosting)

    Maybe some DEV could make an APP for it .. they have one on ANDROID already... its quite simple and easy to make..
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    oops double post
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