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09-15-2011 09:00 AM
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  1. jmerrey's Avatar
    I use the orange on black theme. While was reading an email yesterday, I noticed the icons from the phone tile, message tile, as well as the circle/arrow indicator ghosted in the background. Anyone else seeing this? I switched the tiles around a bit to see if it would eventually go away.
    03-09-2011 09:09 AM
  2. cdook's Avatar
    Do you have it so your screen is left on? I don't think burn in is permanent, it should go away over time. The only technology that has burn in are plasma and projection TV. I could be wrong though...
    03-09-2011 08:10 PM
  3. action_efn_jackson's Avatar
    I noticed it on a demo the other day at the ATT store

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    03-09-2011 09:26 PM
  4. jmerrey's Avatar
    the good thing is I only notice it on a white screen; the bad thing is, what's it going to look like in 6 months :/
    03-10-2011 09:54 AM
  5. Tobyus's Avatar
    It is very noticeable on the demo unit here at the local AT&T store. When I first saw the Focus (before the burn-in showed up) I was in love with it's screen, but now it kinda worries me. I've always tried to avoid screens that have the possibility of burn-in with Televisions/Computer monitors, so my gut is telling me to avoid beautiful as they are.

    Organic light-emitting diode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Screen burn-in: Unlike displays with a common light source, the brightness of each OLED pixel fades depending on the content displayed. The varied lifespan of the organic dyes can cause a discrepancy between red, green, and blue intensity. This leads to image persistence, also known as burn-in.
    03-11-2011 11:26 AM
  6. foosball's Avatar
    If it's anything like a plasma screen, then burn-in is not going be permanent. It washes out after the screen has some time to refresh the pixels, although it can take a little time.
    03-11-2011 06:42 PM
  7. dtboos's Avatar
    I haven't noticed on mine yet, but only been using green on black, and blue on black. From what I've read, it should go away. Do you have your screen timeout set to stay on very long? Mine is at 1 minute.
    03-11-2011 07:28 PM
  8. alex12353's Avatar
    Is burn-in covered by Samsung's warranty, or Best Buy's 30 day return policy?
    03-13-2011 08:04 PM
  9. jmerrey's Avatar
    I'm going to the AT&T store today to check on warranty policy. The burn-in has not gone away so far...
    03-14-2011 09:49 AM
  10. braydee89's Avatar
    this issue on my Omnis 7, the black "timeline" text from my twitter app is burnt into the screen and is visible on white backgrounds. Would appreciate any information people have on this, thanks.
    09-13-2011 05:16 AM
  11. braydee89's Avatar
    Actually, upon checking again, the text is slightly visible against my blue tiles also.
    09-13-2011 05:17 AM
  12. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Yes i have tile graphics burn in on my Omnia as well, been there for months it doesn't go away.

    Most noticible on the white of the official Twitter app loading screen.

    (It's not drastic, but it is there)
    09-13-2011 05:53 AM
  13. jalb's Avatar
    I'm starting to see it too. If my screen is all white, I see the faintest shadow of the internet explorer control bar across the bottom.

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    09-13-2011 06:34 AM
  14. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    I'm starting to see it too. If my screen is all white, I see the faintest shadow of the internet explorer control bar across the bottom.

    Sent from my SGH-i917 using Board Express
    It's the Phone & Messages tile icons i can see, very faint, you have to look for them but if you do, you can see them.

    I was really annoyed when I first saw them, but hey ho, i've moved on since then lol :)

    (And moved those 2 tiles somewhere else)
    09-13-2011 07:15 AM
  15. psychotron's Avatar
    Being a new Focus owner I'm not liking the sound of this. I have not seen anyone answer as to what their screen settings/timeout is yet. Curious if that has any influence on this issue?
    09-13-2011 11:53 AM
  16. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    I have mine set to 1 minute and screen brightness set to Medium JBozz. (Don't like low as its very dark)

    I guess I should have it on automatic, but i just prefer medium. :)
    09-13-2011 12:00 PM
  17. BC81's Avatar
    Mine had "Conversations" burned at the top and the attach icon at the bottom. Called Rogers to complain as i have only had it for 5 months. Shipped me a new one and got it the next day :)

    They said there would be a $35 charge for the "advanced replacement program", but i wasn't charged anything.

    Now i use Medium and 1 minute.
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    09-13-2011 12:35 PM
  18. Rico's Avatar
    Mine's on auto brightness with a three minute timeout. I noticed temporary burn in all the time, particularly on buttons on the app bar from IE since I spend so much time in that app. I've been seeing it for months but it's not really noticeable unless I'm watching the app bar animate before the buttons pop into view. Can't say it really bothers me that much; I get a new phone every 4-6 months so I'm not married to one particular piece of hardware.
    09-13-2011 01:00 PM
  19. jmerrey's Avatar
    I have mine set to high, screen timeout at 3 minutes, though I tend to lock my screen as often as possible. If i go to a white screen, like say the office app, I can now notice burn in objects all over the screen. I have 5 white circles at the bottom, and some words across the top that I can't read, in addition to the still visible call and text icons. It isn't that bad, but it is noticeable. That said, it doesn't bother me that much because I upgrade my phone quite often. Also, it won't be enough to deter me from getting the next version of the Focus when it comes out.
    09-13-2011 02:34 PM
  20. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Yeah it's not that bad to be honest and like you jmerrey, it won't put me off another Omnia either. :)
    09-13-2011 02:44 PM
  21. Rodolfo#WP's Avatar
    I use green on black, have auto brightness, and a 5-min time-out. I also tend to click it off when I set it down or pocket it. I think only a dead pixel would bother me.

    For those with imperfect screens, does your Super AMOLED still look super (brightness and contrast at all angles, indoors and out, etc.?
    09-13-2011 06:27 PM
  22. Rico's Avatar
    The burn-in doesn't affect the overall contrast or viewing angle of the screen. It's a little disconcerting to see it happening, but I'm too into what's actually going on on my phone to worry about it.

    Edit: I'm running the Mango flashlight app White Light which opens with a completely white screen, and I can't see any of the previous "burnt in" elements that I saw previously. I may may be able to see the slightest hint of the app bar, but I really can't be certain if I'm actually seeing it or not. Again, I'm not worried. I'd expect that by time the average user experiences noticeably permanent burn-in, they'll be eligible for an upgrade.
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    09-14-2011 01:53 AM
  23. selfcreation's Avatar
    i have ZERO burn in on my phone ... and honestly the only phones ive seen w th burn in are the DEMO phones in store we had that stayed on 24/7....

    my FOCUS still looks amazing.... but they do have some minor know problems: Organic light-emitting diode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    09-14-2011 09:52 AM
  24. Blackjack55345's Avatar
    I had some nasty burn in on my focus. You could see a lot of the letters from the keyboard (specifically the smiley face and paper clip). A couple names of people I text could be seen in the top left corner. The giant "People" in the people hub was starting to burn in as well, along with the text boxes for text messages.

    So, I brought my phone into AT&T. The man helping us (Chris) instantly noticed the burn in, especially where there were white screens. He put us on the phone with the Customer Service center and we explained the problem. First they claimed that the phone was out of warranty (Chris reminded me that the phone hadn't even been out a year yet) and then they claimed that it was my fault. Chris took the phone, tried to explain burn in and told them that a Microsoft Rep had come into their store last week to explain the problem (I don't know how valid that is, but I guess it is possible). The woman on the phone still wasn't going to do anything about it so we hung up. Chris brought his manager over and they both agreed to replace my old phone and just give me a new one. I was VERY pleased with the service there and I'm glad I don't have to live with a phone with some heavy screen burn in (Not to mention I only had the phone for eight months)

    So in short, if you are having issues of burn in on your phone, try taking it into the AT&T store and see what they can do to help. The call center was frustrating to deal with, but the way the store handled it was top notch customer service if you ask me.
    09-14-2011 05:28 PM
  25. dragonfire6's Avatar
    I was coming into this forum to make a new post regarding this... I don't have a Focus but I have noticed the remnants from burn-in on every demo phone I play with... I understand these phones are on all the time but I don't want to have to avoid certain settings because of this happening... hoping the Focus S won't have this issue *fingers crossed*
    09-14-2011 06:47 PM
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