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    I have a samsung focus and I added a microSD card to it. Everytime the phone is turned off it forgets its name and my account information. I can get it back by doing a hard reset and resyncing the phone. So for the longest time I have lived with this pain in the A$$ process. Now that NoDo is available I can't upgrade because when I start the upgrade process and the phone gets to the point where it wants to reboot. It forgets everything including the fact it wants to update. So I reformat and I am back to square one. In other threads I have seen people suggest that I can take the SD card out and reformat the phone which may allow me to update but toast the SD card.

    Anyone have any experience with this problem? Can anyone tell me if removing the SD card and doing a hard reset will get the phone to start remembering its settings after power off and allow me to update?
    04-23-2011 02:09 PM
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    What sort of SD card are u using? And I would recommend removing the card and then doing a hard reset. If the phone still can't remember your account then you have a defective phone.
    04-23-2011 03:57 PM
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    Sounds like you have bad SD card. Pull the card and hard reset. This should solve your problem, although you will have an SD card that is useless with the phone.
    04-23-2011 04:02 PM
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    I have a similar issue, but a little worse.

    After reboot or power-cycling, my phone comes up to a black screen that says "Storage Card Not Working" across the top. It says to power off and re-format to restore functionality. It functions perfectly during the time prior to a shutdown.

    The card is:
    Manufacturer: Lexar
    Size: 32 GB
    Class: 10

    The phone is a Samsung Focus rev 1.3

    Your issue is the card for sure, hopefully fixing your issue can shine some light on mine.

    Good luck
    05-12-2011 02:59 AM

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