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    Hey there. Just checking in having picked up a Focus on Sunday. After a decade of using BBs and Treos on T-Mobile and Sprint, and most recently trialing a VM Motorola Triumph, I have made the move I expected to make since being captured by the ZuneHD and Zune Pass in February. I've also migrated today from the morphed TreoCentral and will be hanging at WPCentral to learn lots. Leaving Sprint will be the biggest leap, but the basics on this new phone are working great, and I expect Sprint to be in the rear-view mirror by the end of my current 30-day trial. I expect to get a 32gb card delivered tomorrow and will begin moving my digital life onto this black beauty. I already have several questions, including on some things that I don't like or haven't figured out in four days. I'll be studying here and querrying the experts in the coming days. Cheers!
    08-24-2011 11:20 PM
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    Welcome! I left my BBs for the focus. I love it. Especially with mango ^_^
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    08-25-2011 12:29 AM
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    Thank you, and it reminds me that I should Focus my study on Mango. I'm wondering whether (and hoping that) when I go to install the device on the computer tomorrow, that the "update" that is due involves the carrier or MS installing Mango.
    08-25-2011 12:45 AM
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    Yea welcome. The Focus is a great phone. I came from a BlackBerry Tour and I'm not looking back. There's better apps and games on WP7 and the web browser is a lot better.

    Mango is the next update, but it's yet to be released and there's nothing announced yet. I'm thinking we'll hear more about it September 1st.
    08-25-2011 01:03 AM
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    welcome Rodolfo the focus is a great device. The mango will be coming soon as the zune 4.8 software update recently pushed out is supposed to be needed in order to update to mango. A September release would be nice! Once I get mango I am planning on installing a 32 gn micro HDSC card and see how that works out. IE9 will be a better browser
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    08-25-2011 11:29 PM
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    Went from iphone4 to Focus, haven't looked back. Well, maybe once or twice ;-). Love the wp7 experience.

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    08-26-2011 02:31 AM
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    It was a hassle with which Att and Samsung could not help, but I eventually succeeded in installing a 32gb card which is working on its fifth day. It is a Sandisk card I ordered from Amazon for $47 ("bulk" packaging still available from Blue Proton, fulfilled by Amazon). The packaging was pretty normal Sandisk -one of those impossible-to-open cardboard & plastic 2" by 4" packages you may see hanging on a store display. No adapter or anything else.

    My first card-insertion attempts Thursday evening failed. I followed the instructions on pp. 11-13 of the user guide. It was the first card installed and I had not read the warnings on p. 10, nor here, before I ordered the card. I was getting the home page after the 3-key hard-setting instead of the "Start-up Wizard screen", which I never did see. I also kept seeing the same total-storage on the About screen after each attempt. I called Att first and got no help. When I asked for a higher-up tech level, the same person came back to say that I was to call "the manufacturer" and she gave me a number. She also advised me to try going to the store in the morning, though did drop in passing, the idea of reformattng or restoring the operating system, but when I said I was open to any good ideas, she said I really should just go to the store for such or other assistance. Samsung advised me that they were only certifying a certain 8 gb card -which I ignored because not being able to use a 32 card is probably a deal-breaker for me. After hanging up, I made several more 3-key attempts before I decided to go ahead and reformat the operating system. After all, if the store had also failed and did not have a 32gb-solution for me, I was ready to leave the phone. The OS restore or re-format did it! Again, I never saw the Wizard screen, but after my first 3-key format attempt following the reset, although all I still got was the home screen, I went to the About page and saw the total storage had jumped to 36+. I then connected it to my Toshiba Portege as a clean initial install on a fresh Zune re-install. It went through the Focus installation and two WP7 updates without a hitch. I then draggged my Zune collection to the phone.

    I can only report at this time that all functions seem to be running fine including playing music in shuffle mode from throughout the 30gb collection I transferred. I'm running a battery-drain test this afternoon with the musc player running in Airplane Mode but wi-fi connected. The fidelity is nearly as beautiful as what I get on the ZuneHD. I've read reports that 32gb installs have stopped working, so I'm going to hold off on a celebration and recommendation.
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    08-31-2011 03:08 PM