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    I recently purchased and returned the Focus S and the Titan because where I work in Boston I didnt get a 4G signal and couldnt use either phone. I also have an iPhone 4 and that phone works perfectly well in the same location that both the Focus S and Titan didnt work. ATT tech thought it was that the 4G signal was just too weak where I was and that the iPhone's 3G signal was good and that is why it worked.

    I am thinking about getting either the HD7s or the original Focus to see if their 3G antennas will get a good signal where I work. Does anyone know if their antenna tech is the same as the iPhone 4? If so I will probably pick up a used one on Ebay but am really worried that I will run in to the same issue and be stuck with a phone that I cant use. I fell in love with the Windows Phone OS and really want to get back to it even if it means getting last years model.
    12-11-2011 07:39 AM