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    I also put this in general discussion but in case its a Samsung Focus related issue:

    File this under weird and for the life of me I just can't figure it out. Since last Friday some of my apps have not been working while on a 3G connection, like Facebook, the People Hub, Carbon, and a few others. Some of the apps do work and are just fine while on the same connection. On wifi they all work fine so I don't think the problem is on the AT&T or a back server issue for some of the services but I can't figure out why the apps aren't working and how to fix them.
    I've called AT&T and they're useless, except for telling me that a Gingerbread update was almost available (yeah, they said that) for my phone and the 3G connection looked fine on their end. I've turned the phone on and off, pulled the battery and almost everything I can think of without doing a master reset on the phone (which I want to avoid). Some of the tricks, like pulling a battery, work for a few hours then it's back to the app not fetching data over a 3G connection. Anyone have any idea what that could be and how to fix it?
    02-22-2012 06:41 AM
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    It could be software and requires a hard reset as you said, but want to avoid.

    It could also be something flaky with the phone.

    It could even be the battery is not able to output enough power to do everything at once? Got a multimeter? Test the battery.
    02-22-2012 09:14 AM
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    No multimeter so I can't test that. I'll just keep playing with it and see what happens. Thanks.

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    02-22-2012 05:30 PM