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    I am currently on a trip outside of the country and everything was fine until one morning my SIM had a lock symbol on it and my Focus was rebooting after any usage. I tried to rectify the first with AT&T and they could not see any issues with my SIM. Of course not being able to register on a local network anymore, they can't see the phone. I currently can't even open the phone hub with the SIM in, once I pull it out then it seems to work fine.

    It also still seems to reboot at random times when I am using the phone. I did do a full system reset (losing all my non online-hosted data in the process). It could still be a SD card issue (which I have used for over a year without any issues), but if anyone has any opinion or thoughts that might help, I would appreciate it. I would like to keep this phone going until WP8 comes along, but I will buy another used focus if I have to.
    02-28-2012 02:46 PM