1. svtfmook's Avatar
    i recently bought a focus 1.3 for my wife to use temporarily after she broke her current phone. when i got the phone, i plugged it in, and it started doing updates via zune.

    it updated up to 7720. however, gps is not working.

    i downgraded all the way back to 7004, and started the upgrade process, checking gps between each upgrade. works fine until 7720 is installed. so i rolled back to nodo, then i switched location off and upgraded to 7720, this seems to work, somewhat.

    i flashed up to 8107 via cab sender, and the gps was working some-what again. however, it doesn't seem accurate at all, and while driving and using garmin street pilot, garmin shows the vehicle skipping all over the place. bing maps also reported me driving in the middle of the atlantic ocean.

    anyone have any idea as to why my gps is not working on mango?
    07-09-2012 11:38 AM