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    Sadly, my trusty Focus did not survive a Pacific high-tide drenching I and it took last week. Yes, it would have been smart to leave both my phone and ZuneHD 64 in the car, but we thought we knew the beach real well. Actually, losing my ZuneHD 64 hurts even more -about $300 more; yet, ultimately, they're both just material, replaceable, meaningless things.

    I've had a new replacement Focus since Thursday, and am wondering how I should re-load the Basics, namely 7.5 and my microSD card. I purchased the phone from Amazon, advertised as a new, unlocked, though original-atandt-issue phone, in an original box. The old sim card was tested as good at an atandt store and has been installed. The phone looks as new as my original phone, although nothing indicates that it is unlocked. I get the same atandt screen I always had on start-up, with the same atandt apps loaded, etc. My contacts and calendar returned when I initially entered my WinLive ID, and I am now getting an update-available message on the phone, with a prompt to connect to a PC. However, I'm unsure what Zune will do with syncing, updating, etc.

    Please critique or comment the following on what I expect to happen/do:

    Upon connection, my new phone will not be recognized; I will have to name my new device, and I will be able to give it the old-phone name.
    I will be prompted/able to set sync preferences for the new device, and I will leave it on manual-everything sync until I intall a new card.
    I will re-install/re-format my old 32GB microSD card, and then sync my music collection.
    I will, subsequently, be able to update the phone to 7.5 (7720), and 7.5 only, using only Zune and no involvement of atandt, as I did on my first Mango install.

    This is the sequence I followed with my original phone, and everything worked great, even if the card install was tricky.

    The big (only, I believe) differences are that the new phone is supposedly unlocked, that the memory card is loaded with music, and that the card would have been formatted along with the first-phone's built-in memory. I expect that this card install will automatically re-format the card and re-install as a single 36.9 GB drive.

    Thanks for any re-thinking prompts from Focus users, especially those who may have gone through a second new install.
    09-23-2012 02:02 PM