1. Arda Alan's Avatar
    1- galaxy tab pro s screen brightness is flickering / flashing .
    it is very obvious when the screen is dimmed. dim it to the minimum level and its very annoying.
    i generally work at dark/night in which i have to dim the screen, otherwise the screen is too bright that hurts my eyes and at the same time dimming saves lots of battery.

    2- anyways, when the screen brightness is dimmed, the screen brightness is flickering / flashing, whenever sth at screen is refreshed.
    for example, open task manager, to performance tab cpu, it refreshes every second, the moment task manager cpu chart refreshes itself, screen brightness flickers / flashes.
    or open notepad, when ever I type a letter, because the screen refreshes, the screen brightness flickers / flashes.

    3- this does not happen when the screen is constantly refreshing.
    for example playing a video.
    or even constantly moving the mouse stops the screen brightness flickering / flashing.
    because cursor is constantly moving at screen which causes constantly refreshing of the screen.

    4- its not related to the battery level. i had this issue at every level of battery. from %100 to %5.
    i had this issue both while charging and without charging.

    5- also this brightness flickering / flashing stops when i connect an external hdmi monitor through usb-c hdmi multiport.
    but the moment i plug out the hdmi cable, even though the usb-c hdmi multiport is still plugged in, the flickering / flashing starts again.

    its so annoying.

    i am an expert user, i have the latest bios, drivers, windows 10 updates.
    also it is a clean system, i havent installed any additional software / drivers yet.

    its very obvious that it is an hardware / electronics issue.

    and i am really upset for buying the galaxy tab pro s.

    i tried to make a video, its much more obvious to the naked eye than the camera.
    01-19-2017 06:54 AM
  2. z10m's Avatar
    Hi. Did you try to disable adaptive brightness under windows power settings.?

    01-20-2017 04:28 AM
  3. Arda Alan's Avatar
    yes, i disabled it or enabled it , and makes no change.

    i think all the tab pro s es have the same problem
    but because people use it very bright, they do not recognise this problem.

    i have sm-w707, but i havent installed a sim card yet.

    i saw 2 other opened sm-w700 at a local computer shopping center.
    and they both had the same issue.

    i think its %100 hardware, electronics issue.
    01-20-2017 04:34 AM
  4. z10m's Avatar
    Then all I can suggest is to use black background/themes instead of lowering brightness wherever possible as this is the best way to save power on oled screen
    01-20-2017 04:39 AM
  5. Arda Alan's Avatar
    thanks for advice
    but i will return this device, although i loved the concept.

    this is a typical samsung behaviour,
    poor quality
    poor testing
    deliberately sending the product to market, although detecting the defect
    01-20-2017 05:07 AM
  6. Wallaboom's Avatar
    This was a similar issues with Surface Book and Surface Pro's it's an adaptive display dimming from Intel graphics drivers. You have to edit the registry to fully disable it, most the time it should work correctly. If your's is extreme like mine was on the Surface Book you can reinstall the driver, or edit the registry to disable it.
    01-31-2017 01:07 PM
  7. Arda Alan's Avatar
    no, they are totally different problems.
    i uploaded a video. and stated the problem exactly.

    its because of the bad quality electronics circuitry and voltage issue, some kind of electrical noise.
    02-01-2017 05:01 AM
  8. Lee Fong's Avatar
    I also had this problem, especially noticeable at 25% brightness, incredibly annoying and essentially making this otherwise excellent device unusable when wanting to work at 25% brightness late at night. Just noticed a new firmware update released around July 2018 however - installed it a few hours ago and I am typing this at 25% brightness in my bedroom right now - AND NO FLICKERING! :)
    10-13-2018 10:33 AM

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